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Prague Tour Guides in the Times of Covid-19 Lockdown

a graffiti of John Lennon wearing a face mask during Covid-19 in Prague

The Czech Republic has been under nation-wide quarantine for more than a month now. We’ve asked three of our beer guides how they’ve been coping with life in the post-Covid 19 world. Here are their answers:

What are you doing in quarantine?

 Johanka: The first week I was cooking and baking bread, and going on walks daily. That was super nice! Then I caught some kind of sickness – not the virus – and have spent over two weeks in bed, coughing and all. But to stay on a positive note, I’m enjoying my boyfriend’s cooking (tasty, but boring after a while), I’ve done my taxes, and I rewatched many of Studio Ghibli’s movies. And I have a vast to-do list for when I get healthy! Also, it’s easier now to enjoy little things. I’ve had pizza today – what a day it was!

Lukas: As an eternal student, I am actually working on my final Master’s thesis to finish my study in Innovation Project Management. My topic is “Analysis of Sustainable Tourism in Prague” which brings me lots of emotions knowing it’s still going take a long time before I can welcome any visitors on my favourite Prague Beer Tour. I am also trying to relax, sleep a lot, spend more time with my family and go for an occasional run every second day. Since there is a big wave of solidarity going on now in the Czech society, I am also helping in the local library to deliver books to citizens’ houses in my hometown twice a week. Lastly I drink much less beer than I am used to, but I’m compensating it with chocolate…  

Lenka: I left Prague even before the lockdown was announced. I am now at my mom’s in Česká Třebová, a small town east of Prague. We have a cabin and a farm not far from there, so there’s always tons to do. There are no other houses around, so I don’t feel like being locked down at all. I’m enrolled in a masters study program in transport logistics at the Czech Technical University in Prague. We have online lessons and loads of schoolwork to hand over, so I don’t even have a chance to get bored. And lastly, the most positive aspect of the lockdown has been the amount of time I get to spend with my mom – we’ve managed to talk about things we usually never have time to when I visit her during the year for two days or so every now and then.

What are you looking forward to when the quarantine is over?

Johanka: I look forward to spending time outside, riding a bike. Loooooooong walks, now that Prague is empty. Going outside Prague and sightseeing. Going to my favourite cafes and restaurants. Going to a library! Also, when the borders open again, I’d love to go to Poland to see my family.

a large house in the countryside in the Czech Republic

Lukáš: What are you looking forward to when the quarantine is over?
Meeting all my friends and colleagues, spending more time outside and of course sharing “a few” pints of the Czech liquid bread in my favourite pub.

Lenka: I look forward to going out for a coffee with my girlfriends, to running a beer tour and to finally seeing what people in the streets look like (it’s hard to tell when everybody wears a face mask!).

sweet buns made by our Prague City guide Johanka during the COVID-19 lockdown in Prague

Is there anything you like about being home?

 Johanka: Don’t tell anyone, but I actually love being at home. Suddenly I have a lot of time, and as soon as I’m healthy enough for that, there will be some serious cleaning up! And bread-baking. And yoga – that’s my new cool thing to do. I’d love to have a bathtub; I’d spend all the time in there. 

Lukas: I actually like that the whole world has slowed down. People have more time to chat with whoever they live with (and are quarantined together) and/or others online and to think about what really is important in their lives. We can catch up now on all the small tasks that we have always been postponing, such as sorting out old clothes and books, or choosing a few nice photos with our loved ones and hanging them on a wall.

Lenka: Truth be said, I’m a very indoors person, so I’m not discouraged by the lockdown at all. I’ve been reading loads of cool books, I’ve learned to organize my day a bit better and I’m gaining energy for tour guiding. I think all our tours will be so much better than before (as if that’s even possible!), because all of us guides are super excited about “getting out there and socializing” with our clients asap!

Beer bottles from our Prague City guide Lenka’s favourite Ossegg microbrewery

How on earth do you survive without socializing in pubs?

 Johanka: I’m going to skip this question. I’m actually more introvert than I might seem. I do love beer, nevertheless. 

 Lukas: By joining/organizing online meet ups with beer or very occasional visits to beer takeaways while keeping the proper social distancing, of course. Also by just dreaming about the real future socializing!

Lenka: I was super pleased that my beloved brewery Ossegg has opened for a beer take away! I’m in touch with the rest of our beer guides on a daily basis, sharing news about bottle beer specials. We’re really looking forward to meeting in person again, though. I’m very excited about our future post-Covid celebration, but I’m slightly worried about the consequences of accumulated excitement from our meeting! 🙂


April 14, 2020