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Virtual: The Darkest Tales from Prague’s Little Quarter

Hear the Legends and Myths of the Oldest Neighbourhood in the City

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Join us for a mysterious experience in one of the most picturesque areas of Prague. As the oldest neighbourhood in the city, the Little Quarter comes with its stock of dark stories and unbelievable tales. Enjoy these narratives together with the gorgeous gothic and baroque architecture along the way. This live-streamed spooky tour will make you wonder how come such a beautiful city can be draped in so many creepy legends.


  • One of a kind: Explore the oldest area of Prague through its darkest tales
  • Folklore: Hear folk legends about evil spirits and ghosts that haunt the streets of the Little Quarter
  • Architecture: Admire the Baroque facades and wall paintings in this historic neighbourhood
  • Mysticism: Visit the former dwelling of one of the most famous European alchemists
  • History: Learn about the bloody story behind the statues on the Charles Bridge

Scared Yet?

Follow your passionate local guide into the cobblestone streets of the Lesser Town and hear stories that will make your hair stand on end! Learn about a young girl who sold her soul for a ball invitation, an evil water spirit that can only be bribed with beer, or the ghost of a headless trumpeter that strolls around this district until today. Walk across the architecturally unique Charles Bridge and admire the statues of the 12 brutally murdered Protestants displayed all along.

Czech folklore abounds in these creepy narratives that have been passed around for centuries. Hear them from the comfort of your home and let our professional guide be your eyes as they walk around some of the most famous parts of the city. Enjoy the views from along the way and don’t be too scared!

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What Else You Should Know

  • Each guide in our group has a different take on Prague’s history, so every virtual tour is a bit different. That being said, don’t be afraid to ask questions!
  • One booking is for one household – there’s no need to pay for more people who are in the same room.
  • We’ll send you a ZOOM link after you book your virtual tour.
  • This is a live-streamed tour where your guide walks around Prague while you relax in the comfort of your home.
Great Tour With Mark! Donald M. Racine

Had our first ever virtual tour with Amazon today. Mark was our tour guide and he was AMAZING! From start to finish it was interesting, informative, and enjoyable. We will be back. Thanks Mark!

– Amazon Explore, May 2022
Great stories Kimberly La Rocco

Another wonderful tour with Mark! So interesting & fun to hear stories and fairy tales from Prague.

– Amazon Explore, July 2022
Very interesting stories with a fun guide. KKH

Traveled with Mark, who also did the Prague Ghost Tour. Overall, I think the stories on this tour was more spooky then those on the ghost tour. You hear about the headless spirits on this tour vs the Golem and the mummified hand on the ghost tour. Both tours are fun and the stories are very entertaining, very much worth taking in these experiences. And the scenery of the old section of Prague is awesome. Mark is also a very fun guide to take a tour with.

– Amazon Explore, August 2022