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  • Live-Streamed
  • Unique Architecture

Virtual: The Magnificent Prague Castle

Explore the Largest Castle Complex in the World and Learn about Its History

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The seat of power for the Czech nation since the 800s, Prague Castle has been the home of Holy Roman Emperors, a dynasty of Czech rulers and the formal seat of the Habsburg family. You will see the portrait of history from the remains of the first church in Prague in the year 882 all the way to the final touches made in the early 1900s. Join us as we tell the history of those who ruled and dwelled on the premises of this stately castle complex.


  • One of a kind: Discover the largest castle complex in the whole world
  • Architecture: Admire the unique mixture of Gothic, Baroque and Renaissance architectural styles of the castle buildings
  • History: Learn about 8 centuries of Czech history from your knowledgeable local guide
  • Iconic landmarks: Peak into the St. Vitus Cathedral, the most beautiful church in Prague
  • Amazing views: Take in panoramic views of the Charles Bridge and the Old Town of Prague from the Castle overlook
  • Make memories: Don’t forget to take pictures to show your friends afterwards

A True Gem of Architecture

Follow your guide, a 100% Prague resident, on an exciting stroll through the extensive premises of the Prague Castle and admire its unique setup. The complex consists of various historic buildings and plazas, spacious royal gardens, an absolutely breath-taking cathedral and several amazing view points over the city. Marvel at the pinnacles of Czech architecture as you walk the cobblestone streets of the complex together with your passionate guide.

Travel through Time and Space

Let your guide carry you through centuries of Czech history as you listen to intriguing stories about the castle and its past inhabitants. During 800 years, the Castle underwent many transformations, beginning in the Middle Ages, throughout the era of the Habsburg Dynasty, all the way to our modern times. You’ll learn about several prominent architects who put their hands to work at the Prague Castle and whose influence is still visible today.

a person standing in front of a building

What Else You Should Know

  • Each guide in our group has a different take on Prague’s history, so every virtual tour is a bit different. That being said, don’t be afraid to ask questions!
  • One booking is for one household – there’s no need to pay for more people who are in the same room.
  • We’ll send you a ZOOM link after you book your virtual tour.
  • This is a live-streamed tour where your guide walks around Prague while you relax in the comfort of your home.
Most Knowledgeable and gifted tour guide ever!!! Hildred S. Rochon

We were soooooo impressed with this guy. Knew EVERYTHING about the city. Hidden paths that the tourist didn't know. Background info that was super helpful in context to the written history. FUNNY and engaging personality. Seemed like a down to Earth, hometown/local professor that you loved to listen to....telling you about a beautiful city.

– Amazon Explore, July 2022

The entire tour experience was outstanding! Johanka provided the most amazing views of the castle, the cathedral, churches, "Bronze Comic Book", and so much more!! She also pointed out a great deal of architecture and artistry and did an excellent job of explaining the history and the most interesting facts about Prague and all of its features. If you have never been to Prague, this is a great way to go. And for those like me who plan to travel there someday, it is a great introduction to a beautiful and wondrous city! I highly recommend a tour by Johanka!!

– Amazon Explore, July 2022
Amazing experience Angel H

Martin was a wonderful ambassador for Prague and did an outstanding job giving us a tour of the Prague Castle as well as thoughtfully answering our questions. He did an incredible job explaining the historical and cultural significance of the castle. I love the ability to take and download photos during the walk. My husband and I definitely will schedule another Prague site-seeing tour!

– Amazon Explore, June 2022
St. Vitus Cathedral on the Prague Castle
Awesome Tour Guides of Prague TheIGs

Hello! I recently was given two amazing gifts to virtually tour the city and castle of Prague. The first tour was with Martin and the second was with Mark. Both are extremely charming, delightfully brilliant historians that made for an incredibly awesome gift! Truly loved the hour tour that I took with each tour guide and am already scheduling future tours. I hope to always get either Martin or Mark as they made the experience an inspiring, fun-spirited and engaging event!

– TripAdvisor, June 2022
An Excellent Interactive Tour, with Historical Details O. Brunette

Katerina was a knowledgeable guide who walked us around the castle enclosure, encouraging interaction and discussing the architectural features, and prominent rulers who had shaped the castle. Her knowledge clearly went beyond what she was able to include in a one hour tour, and it was a fun experience which I wide range of people would enjoy.

– Amazon Explore, March 2022
our tour guide Mark holding a
Amazing Experience Leah

Our guide, Mark, was fantastic! We thoroughly enjoyed this experience and plan to come back with the same company for another experience of Prague because Mark was so knowledgeable about the history, as well as being so friendly. He led us along the castle with all the little details, and answered our questions as well. We never had a dull moment, and he carried the conversation on quite well. We would highly recommend you take this tour!

– Amazon Explore, March 2022