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Meet Our Guides


Misa came from Moravia 15 years ago and has called Prague her home ever since. As a person, she always tries to find the beauty in all things and is always quick with a laugh. She is a self-proclaimed history lover and has an amazing grasp of the foodie scene.

our tour guide Michaela holding a

There’s no tour Misa wouldn’t take you on but her favourites are the classic ones: the City Highlights and the Castle Tour – that’s where her love for history comes alive.

She’ll gladly take you out for Dinner in the Old Town or grab a Beer & Tapas as well. Modern Czech food is her specialty, let’s explore Trendy Czech Food by Foot with Misa!

If you happen to be in town over the Christmas, Misa’ll show you our magical Christmas Markets.

our tour guide Michaela holding a

“Thanks, Misa! You were a great guide–friendly, animated, knowledgeable and an all-around great host!” (Angie, TripAdvisor)


our tour guide Tereza holding a

“Tereza was the best guide we’ve had on any city tour. We got recipes, we had great food but most of all Tereza showed us her love for her city.” (Caroline, TripAdvisor)

Tereza is first and foremost a devoted mother. She is constantly improving herself by learning new ideas, meditating, and jogging. Her great outlook on life and wonderful sense of humor bring a sparkle to any tour, just like her passion for life and love for the Czech culture. Teaching people about Prague is a full-time job and also a hobby of hers.

our tour guide Tereza holding a

Share Tereza’s passion for Prague and let her bring you to tears on our Jewish Quarter Tour.

Would you prefer having a Perfect Day in Prague with her instead? She might even take you to the Majestic Prague Castle.

Test out Tereza’s renowned sweet tooth during our Old Town Food Tour or at the Christmas Markets.


Pavla loves the history and architecture of Prague. In fact, she is our go-to historian to make sure we have the dates and names exactly right. Her greatest passion is chocolate and cakes – with all the bakeries around the Czech Republic, who could blame her.

our lovely guide holding a

You can expect to meet Pavla on all our history-themed tours: she’ll show you around the City Highlights, walk with you up and down the Prague Castle Complex and tell you touching stories about the heroes from the Jewish Town.

If you want to make Pavla truly happy, you’ll accompany her for some cakes to her favorite bakery in the Old Town.

Pavla knows a great deal of other towns in the Czech Republic. Feel free to join her on a virtual tour of Nymburk or the Spa Town of Poděbrady.

our lovely guide holding a

“Our guide Pavla was most charming, extremely experienced and accommodated every extra wish that came from the group.” (Manuel, TripAdvisor)


our tour guide Martin holding a

“I had a wonderful time! Martin was a great guide and really made the tour standout.” (Amber, TripAdvisor)

Martin is a native of Prague though he has lived in Toronto, Frankfurt, and a few other major cities. No matter where he lived he always made his way back to Prague. A fan of travel, history, and meeting new people, he has the perfect combination to lead a tour of Prague and a few of our outlying cities. He is also one of our beer experts.

our tour guide Martin holding a

Martin will be more than happy to share some Beers & Tapas with you. He’s also a great company for the Evening Food Tour in the Old Town.

Martin’s extensive knowledge of history will come in handy on the Prague Castle and around the other City Highlights.

You can also meet Martin virtually on many of our live-streamed tours and hear intriguing stories from our past.


Nikola comes to us from the picturesque hills of Moravian Wallachia. In 2006 she moved to Prague to study art history as well as social and mass communication. Taking advantage of this education, she entered the tourist industry where she found her passion. Her love of history and Prague really shows through as a tour guide.

our tour guide Nikola holding a

You have about a 90% chance to meet Nikola if you book our Old Town Food Tour. She’s our true food expert!

That’s not where Nikola’s expertise ends. She’s also equipped with inspiring stories from the Jewish Quarter and great historical knowledge of all the City Highlights.

Her foodie expertise really shines through on the Food by Foot Tour of modern Czech cuisine.

our tour guide Nikola holding a

Nikola was a great host, she had fantastic insight into Czech food and its origins, and guided us around town to many places we simply wouldn’t have found on our own.” (Chris, TripAdvisor)


our tour guide Johanka holding a

“Our guide, Johanka was THE best guide. So knowledgeable and super easy to talk to. Could not recommend her enough.” (Kimberly, TripAdvisor)

If we could use one word to describe our crazy lady from Poland, it would be “bubbly”. Her infectious humour translates on both her in-person and virtual tours. She is known for her spot-on cooking skills, her passion for languages, and her knowledge of beer.

our tour guide Johanka holding a

As a typical night owl, Johanka is most probably to be spotted on our evening tours. Let’s grab some Beer & Tapas with her or enjoy a lovely Dinner in the Old Town.

If you’re lucky, though, you might see Johanka on our City Highlights Tour as well. You’ll definitely appreciate her ample assortment of fun facts.

Johanka is also our queen of virtual tours and there’s a very high chance of having her as a guide, should you partake on one of those.


This self-proclaimed history nerd comes from the city of New Orleans, the capital of jazz, great seafood, and a very friendly atmosphere. Being fascinated by the past, Mark always wanted to move to Europe, and one look at Prague was enough for him to fall in love with the city. After years of a music career, he is now juggling being a tour guide and a professional magician.

our tour guide Mark holding a

Mark is our virtual tour maestro and the king of all the live-streamed experiences. His undying humour makes these tours truly unforgettable.

He also knows a great deal about the Prague Castle and will gladly show you around its premises.

Let’s see if you fall in love with Prague like Mark did, when he takes you out to explore all the Must-Sees and City Highlights of his beloved city.

“We took our tour with Mark. What a fantastic tour! Mark knew his stuff and had a great sense of humor which kept us entertained the entire time.” (Cindy, TripAdvisor)


our wonderful guide Jan holding a Prague City Adventures sign

“We had the great fortune to have Jan as our guide. Jan was very sweet, and an excellent storyteller who involved all of us in the discussion.” (Patricia, Airbnb)

Jan, a fourth-generation Prague native, explored the world living in Marianske Lazne, Denmark, and the USA. A musician at heart, his global travels and band connections brought him a dancing wife. Jan’s curiosity about authentic living fuels his guided tours, offering a local’s view of Prague’s transformation from communism to today. With a 12-year corporate background in education and HR, Jan is also a coach, merging his passion for exploration with connecting with people.

our wonderful guide Jan holding a Prague City Adventures sign

Catch Jan on the Old Town Food Tour, where his passion for Prague’s culture and authentic experiences come to life.

He will be more than happy to have a glass of beer with you on our Beer & Tapas Tour as well!

Do you prefer to explore the City’s Highlights? Get ready for a journey with a guide who turns every tour into an unforgettable adventure!


In his previous life, Guillaume was a teacher of philosophy in France. All has changed when he fell in love with a Czech, moved to Prague, and started a new chapter of his story. His understanding of cultural ideas and his love for art and history make him a fantastic guide touring the city of Prague. His passion for beer and food (he is French) round out his knowledge of the culture of Prague.

our tour guide Guillaume holding a

Want to grab a Beer & Tapas with Guillaume? He’s the one to ask for recommendations on LGBTQ+ bars and venues around the city.

You’ll also appreciate the foodie side of his personality on the Old Town Food Tour.

Would you prefer testing Guillaume’s historical knowledge on the City Highlights Tour?

our tour guide Guillaume holding a

“We had a great day with Guillaume! He read our group’s mood and kept the day rolling. He was friendly and engaged the entire day!” (Sarah, TripAdvisor)


Jirka hails from Pilsen, the birthplace of Pilsner beer, a fact he’s more than eager to share as he walks you through the city’s rich brewing history. A seasoned traveler, Jirka’s passion lies in exploring South America, where his Spanish fluency comes in handy. Residing in Prague since 2005, Jirka’s career transitioned from selling airline tickets to guiding. Drawing on his background as an English and geography teacher, he shares captivating tales of the city he loves. Despite never formally teaching, Jirka incorporates his expertise into his tours.

our lovely guide Jirka holding a

Jirka is your go-to guide for a Day Trip to Pilsen, a birthplace that he shares with the world-famous beer.

Inside Prague, he’ll be more than happy to show you the basics on our City Highlights Tour or share a plate of exquisite Czech cuisine on the Old Town Food Tour.

our lovely guide Jirka holding a

“We had the most amazing tour guide called Jirka. He was very knowledgeable, very experienced and great fun to be with.” (Brigitte, TripAdvisor)


a lovely guide Katy from Prague City Adventures

Katy is a great guide who really takes the trouble to explain things that might be new to us, like the Czech traditions. (Poppy, Google)

Born in Prague, Katy spent 20 years working with mathematics before trading it for a passion — guiding in this beautiful city. She adores hands-on activities, reading, drawing, walking her dog, and indulging in café conversations. Guiding allows Katy to share her love for Prague, ensuring every tour is filled with memorable moments and interesting stories.

a lovely guide Katy from Prague City Adventures

Katy is a seasonal magician – with her, you can make the best of the holidays on our Christmas Markets Tour, sipping on mulled wine and enjoying traditional Czech goodies.

Castles are also Katy’s thing and you might be lucky enough to have her on your Prague Castle Tour. She knows her way with technology and can show your around Prague virtually as well.


Vojta is originally from the industrial city of Ostrava and currently resides in Prague, working as an electrical engineer. While he once embarked on work-related adventures in Norway, New Zealand, Italy, and England, the arrival of his daughter transformed his lifestyle, bringing about a delightful shift. During his leisure hours, Vojta engages in sports like swimming, running, and tennis, immerses himself in books, and explores new varieties of beers. On gloomy days, he finds solace in meandering through diverse galleries. Music, particularly metal, holds a special place in his heart.

our tour guide Vojta that you can meet on our popular Prague Beer Tours

With Vojta as your guide, savor the company of a passionate local on our Beer & Tapas Tour. Immerse yourself in the convivial atmosphere, and benefit from his extensive knowledge of the intricate beer-making processes. Vojta is your go-to companion for a delightful Czech lager experience!

our tour guide Vojta that you can meet on our popular Prague Beer Tours

“Vojta was an awesome guide, so friendly and personable. We had an awesome time!” (Anna, Airbnb)


our newest guide Michaela holding a

Michaela was so knowledgeable of Prague, knew the region extremely well and was so accommodating to us. It seemed like we were friends for years. (Dianna, TripAdvisor)

Our Michaela #2 is an emotional yet enthusiastic mom of two who combines her skills as a conference interpreter and scout leader with her love for Prague’s rich history. She finds joy in connecting the past’s individual stories to present the vibrant cityscape we see today. While her adventures with her boys keep her busy, she still savors meeting people from all walks of life and exploring nature. Whether navigating Prague’s hidden corners or trekking toward Santiago de Compostela, Michaela’s tours are full of insights and discoveries. Join her for an unforgettable journey through the heart of Prague.

our newest guide Michaela holding a

Michaela is your go-to guide for truly savoring Prague’s history and flavors. Join her on our Old Town Food Tour to taste your way through Prague’s culinary delights, or explore the city’s iconic sights on the Prague City Highlights Tour. With Michaela’s deep knowledge and infectious enthusiasm, each tour becomes a vibrant tapestry of stories and discoveries.