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Meet Our Guides


Misa came from Moravia 15 years ago and has called Prague her home every since. As a person, she always tries to find the beauty in all things and is always quick with a laugh. As a tour guide, she is a self-proclaimed history lover and has an amazing grasp of the foodie scene. Her skills as a tour guide have even lead to awards and accolades and with her organising skills she can put together a  tourist plan for the most demanding guest.



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Tereza is first and foremost a devoted mother. She is constantly improving herself by learning new ideas, meditating, and jogging. Her great outlook on life and wonderful sense of humor bring a sparkle to any tour, just like her passion for life and love for the Czech culture. Teaching people about Prague is a full-time job and also a hobby of hers. When she is not out on the streets of Prague guiding a tour or helping a team member prepare their virtual tours, she can be found surrounded by nature.

She also has a secret superpower. Due to her extraordinary sweet tooth, she can find and direct you to the best treats in Prague.


Pavla loves the history and architecture of Prague. In fact, she is our go-to historian to make sure we have the dates and names exactly right. Her big passion is for chocolate and cakes and with the bakeries in the Czech Republic, who can blame her.  An indispensable component in Pavla’s life is her afternoon coffee which is also a perfect time for the above-mentioned chocolate and cakes. Beware, she gets a little insane without her afternoon cup! You can ask her about the various cafes on either her virtual tours or in our live guided walks.

In private she relaxes tending to her garden and she is also the proud mother of the two most intelligent, beautiful, ingenious, and cute children in the world.

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Martin is a native of Prague though he has lived in Toronto, Frankfurt, and a few other major cities. No matter where he lived he always made his way back to Prague. A fan of travel, history, and meeting new people he has the perfect combination to lead a tour of Prague and a few of our outlying cities. He is also one of our beer experts. When he isn’t guiding tours or running virtual experiences you can find him riding his motorcycle in the summer and skiing in the winter.


This self-proclaimed history nerd comes from the city of New Orleans, the capital of jazz, great seafood, and a very friendly atmosphere. Being fascinated by the past, Mark always wanted to move to Europe, and one look at Prague was enough for him to fall in love with the city. After years of a music career, he is now juggling being a tour guide and a professional magician. In both cases there is one truth to be known: he always has a trick or two up his sleeve! Mark is never tired of learning new things and exploring Prague, and his genuine love for history will make any tour with him a fascinating journey. 


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If we could use one word to describe our crazy lady from Poland it would be “bubbly”. Her infectious humour translates on both her in-person and virtual tours. She is known for her spot-on cooking skills, her passion for languages, and her knowledge of beer. As far as her beer knowledge, she did run a microbrewery and understands the process of making and enjoying the most popular beverage in this country.


Nikola comes to us from the picturesque hills of Moravian Wallachia. In 2006 she moved to Prague to study art history as well as social and mass communication. Taking this education she entered the tourist industry where she found her passion.  Her love of history and Prague show through as a tour guide. She humbly states that the city itself is half the success of her tours. We think it might have more to do with her knowledge and the personal touches she brings to both her virtual and in-person tours.

If you are here in person and have her as a guide, be sure to inquire as to the great places to eat. As a food enthusiast, there are few restaurants or cafes that have escaped her scrutiny.

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In his previous life, Guillaume was a teacher of philosophy in France. All has changed when he fell in love with a Czech, moved to Prague, and started a new chapter of his story. His understanding of cultural ideas and his love for art and history make him a fantastic guide touring the city of Prague. His passion for beer and food (he is French) round out his knowledge of the culture of the city.