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Our Mission

Here in Prague, our City Adventures team is a tight-knit collection of different people who simply want to take to the streets and show off the city in all its strange and absurd beauty, from the stunning façades to the quirks that make this city tick.

For those travellers and wanderers who look for authenticity, stories, and memories, we offer Prague tours that dig into the history, culture, and psyche of the city and its inhabitants. Of course, it’s Prague itself that makes our tours so great, but we can enliven the city by helping you to understand and participate in the local experience, showing you the oft-missed underbelly of Prague.

By acting more as a local friend than a guide, we like to think of ourselves as self-proclaimed ambassadors of the city, sharing our love of it with you. Follow in our footsteps over the cobbled streets, taste delicious food and drinks, hear the stories, soak up the surroundings, and be a part of this captivating city with a deep and incredible history.

Discover the city on one of our walking tours of Prague or specialty culture or food tours with Prague City Adventures!


The excellence of our guides is testified both by their positive reviews across various social media sites and their exceptional achievements in the global context.

In 2018, Saša and Lukáš from the Prague team were nominated among the top guides worldwide. While Lukáš came in as the second-best guide from our team, Saša earned the ultimate title of the best guide of the year for the whole Urban Adventures family!

We loved the city walking tour with Sasa! It was so informative and so enjoyable; we wish we had more time to do another tour with Sasa, whose depth of knowledge of Prague history was tremendous!

Vicky R., Prague, 28 Oct 2018