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About Prague City Adventures

Our Journey


2011: Humble Beginnings

It all started with a dream in 2011. Jára, our founder, had a vision – to show Prague through the eyes of those who love it most. This wasn’t only about tours; it was about heart, soul, and the hidden stories of our beloved city. Initially part of the Intrepid Urban Adventures franchise, we set out to create something truly special.


2013 – 2014: New Faces Join the Team

As we grew, we welcomed Niki in 2013, whose enthusiasm was contagious. Then came Tereza, fresh-faced and eager, bringing her own unique sparkle. Michaela joined us in 2014, adding yet another warm smile to our team.


2016 – 2018: Growing Together

When Niki took on a new role in 2016, Tereza and Michaela got to the steering wheel. Their passion was so infectious that, by 2018, they became co-owners. It was a good time of growth, hope, and lots of laughter.

part of Prague City Adventures posing in front of a camera with a view of the Charles Bridge and the Prague Castle in the background

2019 – 2021: Overcoming Challenges

When the world faced unprecedented challenges, so did we. But instead of stepping back, we stepped up, embracing virtual tours and connecting with people around the globe. Our transformation into Prague City Adventures in 2021 wasn’t a mere change in name; we waved goodbye to Jára and the Intrepid franchise. This was a renewed promise to share our love for Prague.


2022 – 2023: Bright Future

Despite global challenges, our commitment to sharing Prague’s magic remained unwavering. Today, our close-knit team of 10 is more dedicated than ever. Our tours go beyond the city’s facade; they’re about creating a family of explorers, eager to share the heart of Prague and beyond.

2024: A Milestone Achievement

Winning the Arival Review Spotlight Award for Best Culinary Tours & Experiences in Europe highlighted our dedication to exceptional cultural adventures.

Your Personal Prague Story

With Prague City Adventures, you’re more than a tourist; you’re a friend we haven’t met yet. We’re here to make your journey through Prague unforgettable. From the cobblestone streets to the breathtaking views, each step with us is a step into the heart of Prague. Let us be your guides, as well as storytellers, historians, foodies, and, most importantly, your friends in Prague.

Join us to explore Prague as we know and love it. We promise laughter, insights, and moments that will warm your heart for years to come. With us, your journey in Prague will be more than just a vacation; it will be a treasure trove of memories, a warm hug from a new friend, and an adventure that will leave you longing to return.

a group of tourists facing a tour guide on a walking tour of Prague, with a view of Prague Castle in the background


We hope to return to Prague sooner rather than later and would definitely choose Prague City Adventures for future experiences.

– Elizabeth, October 2023


If you’re considering a trip to Prague, just do it! The city is friendly, beautiful, and very rich in history. And while you’re there, do yourself a favor and book a tour with Prague City Adventures. You will not be disappointed!

– Lori, March 2023


What impressed me the most about this experience with Prague City Adventures was the effort the tour guides put into providing us with a good tour experience.

– Sylvia, December 2022


It was an amazing experience to travel with Prague City Adventures’ guide, I really recommend to take their tours. They are very kind and always looking for us to have a great time, they also know a LOT about the culture and get you to know each city as locals. If you are traveling to Czech Republic you will love their services.

– Samantha, November 2022