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Virtual: A Ghostly Walk through the Haunted Streets of Prague

Hear the Haunting Stories of Spirits and Apparitions

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Throughout centuries of history Prague has accumulated a decent amount of legends and tales that will make your hair stand on end. Join us for a virtual journey through the cobblestone streets of the Old Town and hear some of the best ghost stories from this highly mysterious part of the city.


  • Great stories: Hear the most popular Prague legends, including the story of Golem, a mysterious being from Jewish folklore
  • Mystery: Learn about a secret alchemy lab or a ghostly chariot that roams the neighbourhood at night
  • Symbolism: Witness unusual sights such as a hand hanging from the wall that used to belong to a legendary thief
  • The best of Prague: Explore the most beautiful historic area of the city as you roam the narrow alleyways of the Old Town
  • Make memories: Don’t forget to take pictures to show your friends afterwards

Explore the Old Town through Its Legends

There is no better way to explore the Old Town of Prague and learn about the local culture than by listening to its numerous legends and stories put together through centuries of mysticism and… yes, ghosts. Every city might have its share of these but few places throughout the world are as prolific in haunting tales as Prague is. So let’s take a walk together and look for the spirits and apparitions that patrol this city at night and admire some of its iconic landmarks at the same time!

a person standing in front of a building

What Else You Should Know

  • Each guide in our group has a different take on Prague’s history, so every virtual tour is a bit different. That being said, don’t be afraid to ask questions!
  • One booking is for one household – there’s no need to pay for more people who are in the same room.
  • We’ll send you a ZOOM link after you book your virtual tour.
  • This is a live-streamed tour where your guide walks around Prague while you relax in the comfort of your home.


a close-up of Charles Bridge in Prague from the side at night
Not only ghostly walk, It was a beautiful walk Anonymous guest

Mark included a lot of beautiful parts of the city on top of the ghost talk and related sites. Also, he was very frank about answering any questions about the city and his life there to fulfill my curiosity. I felt the tour was very nice and I had a really refreshing time without actually going to the site.

– Amazon Explore, July 2022
a view of the Prague Castle at night with a shining gas lump in the foreground
Great Experience Caitlin H

This was a very historic and educational tour. We had a great time and felt like we travelled to Prague! We would definitely do it again. Our tour guide was also very polite, educated, and let us make the most of our tour!

– Amazon Explore, July 2022
the silhouette of the St. Vitus Cathedral on the Prague Castle against a dark-yellow ski
Beautiful city and exciting guide dsI6781EA

We learned so much and had such a wonderful tour with Mark. He is such a fun, kind and intelligent guide. I already have recommended this tour to my older children and would recommend it to anyone else who asked.

– TripAdvisor, July 2022
the iconic Charles Bridge of Prague at night lit up by gas lamps
amazing visit to Prague and back home within a hour cirilor0314

mark was our host for the tour he was absolutely amazing, we felt extremely comfortable in asking all the questions we wanted to, we never felt rushed and he walked us all over and took us through a ton of history of the area of Prague we were visiting, we will be definitely visiting Prague in person based off of this tour, he was from the states so his English was perfect, thank you mark for being a great hosts

– TripAdvisor, May 2022
the Charles Bridge in Prague covered by snow
Amazon Explore - Prague - Alchemy and Magic tour with Mark iainkelt

Thanks to the magic of the internet and the new Amazon Explore service my sister and I had a GREAT tour of Prague, its history, and it's connection to alchemy/magic/astrology. Our tour guide Mark was knowledgeable, friendly, and a great storyteller. As much as we all want to get back to traveling freely, this is a great substitute in the meantime.

– TripAdvisor, January 2021