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Discover the best vegetarian restaurants in Prague with Travis and ask him about exciting day trips from Prague for Czech beer enthusiasts.

Great Czech Brewery Day Trips from Prague

  When you first come to Prague, you’ll quickly discover that Czech beer culture is much different from the more Westernised countries. Firstly, we drink a lot here. But secondly, the manner in which we drink is vastly different. It is quite rare to see people shouting over music, or on their mobile phones messaging…

Yes, There Are Vegetarian Restaurants in Prague…

…And they’re Fantastic   –  When one thinks of vegetarian-friendly cities, Prague is not normally the first place that comes to mind – in fact, it may not even be in the top ten. But for those of you unwilling to falter, you’re in for a nice surprise. In fact, our capital is quickly adopting…

  • Stunning Views
  • Must-See

History lovers alert! We bet Prague Castle is on your Prague must-see list. Let’s walk together through a lesser-known entrance to the complex and explore the most magnificent site in our country. You’ll love the architecture and the splendid views from its gardens.