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Niki is your guy when it comes to art in Prague. From photography to street art, Niki will tell you where to go to enjoy the contemporary art scene in Prague.

The Freshest Farmersʼ Markets in Prague

  Travelling to central Europe and thinking, “Hmm, how am I going to survive weeks (or months) of consuming this hearty — but not always healthy — cuisine from this corner of the globe? Good question. Traditional Czech (and much of central and eastern European) meals are made up of a fair amount of meat…

A Local’s Guide to Prague Street Art

  My credentials as a street artist are as follows: once upon a time (22 years ago, to be exact), on a nice sunny day after school, my friend and I found our way home through forests, abandoned industrial areas, and all those zones that little rascals like to explore — and mark. It didn’t…

A Photo-Taking Guide of Prague

Everyone can be a great photographer in this age of light and high-quality cameras. With Prague being one of the most photogenic cities around the world, your artistic ambitions will definitely thrive here. It is also one of the most photographed places. In order to make your photos stand out from the millions of other…

Where to Warm up for Winter in Prague

  A winter trip to Prague? Are you sure? After all, how much mulled wine, mead, or grog can you really drink? (Confession: We can drink a lot.) But seriously, you don’t have to worry. Staying warm in Prague doesn’t have to consist of just boozing yourself up until you’re too numb to notice that…

24 Hours in Prague

    When travelling, we understand that you might not always want to follow the same “must dos” you see in every guidebook or on every travel blog, especially when you only have 24 hours at your disposal. What you might want to do instead, is learn something new, take a few steps out of…

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  • Must-See

History lovers alert! We bet Prague Castle is on your Prague must-see list. Let’s walk together through a lesser-known entrance to the complex and explore the most magnificent site in our country. You’ll love the architecture and the splendid views from its gardens.