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Brianna will tell you where the cool folks hang out in Prague and how to avoid scams and tourist traps. Discover Prague with Brianna and get useful local tips!

Why is Náplavka Prague’s Best Hipster Hangout

When the weather’s nice, the Czechs head outside — just take a walk through the city’s many parks or beer gardens on a warm day and you’ll see residents soaking up the sun. While there are often long, never-solved debates as to which of Prague’s fabled beer gardens is the best place to beat the…

How to Skip the Scams in Prague

Exploring new cultures is a fantastic adventure that often leads to some of the best life experiences, but we have to admit: sometimes new places and cultures can make even the most seasoned traveller quake in their boots. Even those who love to travel are often afraid they’ll “get it wrong” and cause, at best,…