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Virtual Beer Tasting in the Heart of Prague

Learn about the Czech Culture through Our Most Popular Drink

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If there’s anything all Czechs are proud of, it’s definitely beer. Join us for this unique virtual experience in the very heart of Prague and learn why this golden drink is so precious to us. You’ll hear all about the long history of our brewing processes, look behind the local recipes and explore the importance of beer in the Czech culture. Make sure to bring a bottle or two, this tour will get you thirsty!


  • One of a kind: Pay a virtual visit to the most popular beer hall in Prague
  • History: Learn about local ingredients and brewing processes across centuries
  • Local culture: Find out about the importance of beer in the daily lives of all Czechs
  • Fun facts: Discover why we love our beer with a decent layer of foam on top
  • Unique experience: Get to know the mother of all pilsners, the famous Pilsner Urquell

The Beer That Changed the World

We bet you’ve tried a pilsner before. Did you know that the very first pilsner-style beer was made in the Czech Republic? On October 5 1842, the popular Pilsner Urquell was brewed for the first time in the nearby city of Pilsen. On this virtual experience you’ll hear the story of this legendary beer that influenced the brewing history in the whole world. But don’t worry, we’ll get to other interesting beer styles over the course of this tour.

What Time Is It? Time for Beer!

There’s a whole culture behind this delicious drink in the Czech Republic. We drink beer with lunch and dinner, when we go out with friends, on a date, at a festival, whenever there’s a chance, really! Follow your local beer expert to their favourite pub downtown and learn why we simply can’t live without our Czech beer.

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What Else You Should Know

  • Each guide in our group has a different take on Prague’s best beer halls, so every virtual tour is a bit different. That being said, don’t be afraid to ask questions!
  • One booking is for one household – there’s no need to pay for more people who are in the same room.
  • We’ll send you a ZOOM link after you book your virtual tour.
  • This is a live-streamed tour where your guide walks around Prague while you relax in the comfort of your home.