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Unique Czech Beers & Tapas in Prague’s Coolest Neighbourhoods

Experience the World-Famous Czech Beer in Prague's Favourite Local Breweries

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tourists having fun sampling beer from Prague microbreweries on a Beer Tour in Prague

a group of tourists lead by a tourist guide through the streets of Prague

Discover Prague’s Hidden Craft Beer Scene

In the Czech Republic, we drink beer. And as a visitor to our country, you should drink beer with us! On this one-of-a-kind Prague beer tour, you’ll be whisked away to our guides’ favourite watering holes, tucked away in hidden neighbourhoods, so you can experience first-hand that famous Czech beer-drinking culture. Whether you’re an advanced beer drinker or still don’t know your barley from your hops, our expert local guides will help you to find the right beer style for your tastes. Na zdraví!

tourists enjoying the world-famous Czech beer at a popular bar in Prague

Tour Highlights:

  • Local experience: Follow a Prague resident and beer expert to their favourite beer halls as they teach you about the history and creation of this beloved drink
  • Beers and tapas: Discover the unique flavours of Czech beers paired with plates of delicious Czech-style tapas you’ve never heard of before
  • Off the beaten path: Escape the crowded tourist centre and experience the real Prague in our cool alternative neighbourhoods
  • Small group: Make new connections as you socialise with beer-loving travellers and get a fun, authentic local experience that’ll feel like a night out with friends
  • Pro tips: Get a list of recommended venues for the rest of your stay in Prague

How taking this tour will benefit the local community: All the bars, restaurants, and beer halls we visit are 100% owned and run by local Czechs. As we’re in a small group of no more than 10, we don’t disrupt local life. By taking our guests to off-the-beaten-path locations, we support businesses that usually would not be visited by travellers.

a group of tourists with a tour guide standing in front of one of our favourite Prague bars

Experience the Tastes and Traditions of Czech Beer and Tapas

Beer is often one of the first things people think of when they hear of the Czech Republic. And so they should! That’s because our country is blessed with the perfect conditions for making the best beer in the world. But when you come here, it’s not enough just to drink great beer – you also need to experience beer the authentic Czech way. And we’re going to show you exactly how to do that.

a tourist in Prague ready to order from a wide selection of beers at one of our favourite bars in Prague

Your Czech Beer and Tapas Tour starts in the very heart of modern Prague: St. Wenceslas Square, where we’ll meet under the statue of our first duke and patron saint of beer-makers, St. Wenceslas himself.

a tour guide holding a

Don’t Drink Alone, Drink Like a Local!

A true beer-drinking experience is a social one, so you’ll be joined by a small group of fellow travellers and beer enthusiasts. Together with your new friends and local guide, you’ll embark on a beer adventure through the local neighbourhoods beyond Prague’s busy city centre.

What makes this Prague beer tour really special is that each guide offers their own unique route, tracking their favourite bars and pubs in the neighbourhoods of Prague that are closest to their heart. (Don’t worry – even if we veer far from the historical centre, we’ll be sure to bring you back there when the tour is over!) Our team has been researching relentlessly to show you the best that our local brewing scene has to offer.

a safety mirror showing a tram passing by in the Lesser Town of Prague

Learn about the History and Brewing Process of Czech Beer 

Over the course of 3.5 – 4 hours, you’ll visit 3 different drinking establishments, drink 5 unique beers from local microbreweries, and savor 3 appetizers that go perfectly with the beer. Your guide will explain the country’s beer-making and beer-drinking traditions and teach you some common customs and phrases. With each stop, you’ll become more and more immersed in the authentic Czech beer culture as you get acquainted with several different beer styles and flavours.

a group of tourists raising their glasses of beer together with a tour guide on a Beer Tour in Prague

What Else You Should Know about This Prague Tour

If you love beer, food, culture, and exploring interesting places along with new friends, this Prague beer tour is for you!

a table covered with plates of traditional Czech tapas

Looking for more? Check out our Local Guide to Prague and tour the city like a pro!

Don’t miss this amazing beer tour Leticia D.

What an amazing experience. Not to be missed when visiting Prague. Our guide Johanka was one of the best. She thought of everything to make our experience memorable and informative. She provided the high quality that makes Viator such a great and reliable company.

– Viator, Dec 2022
Amazing Tour! Julie S.

This tour was fantastic! It was probably my favorite part of our trip and I am not even the real beer lover in our family. Vojta was an amazing guide. He knew so much about both beer and about Prague in general. The tour was a great way to see parts of the city we would not have explored on our own.

– TripAdvisor, Nov 2022
A super fun evening in Prague Robyn C.

Our beer tour with Misa was fabulous. She is delightful and it was a super fun evening, with her and other like minded, fun travelers. She took us away from the tourist area to several pubs and recommended the specialties at each place. Lots of food too! Would definitely recommend for a fun night in Prague!

– Google, Nov 2022
Loved the Beer Tour! Christie P.

Wonderful tour!! Vojta was a great guide, fun and very knowledgeable. We went to several local pubs outside of the Prague city center via the tram . It was fun to leave the tourist area and visit local places. Great way to taste and learn about many different (not just pilsners) local beers in Prague. My husband and I had a great evening and enjoyed this tour!

– TripAdvisor, Oct 2022
Excellent beer tour in Prague Melissa

Excellent four hours spent exploring some of Prague’s locally pubs and breweries, our tour guide was exceptional with both knowledge and passion for beer and the city but also in listening to stories we shared to make it an enjoyable night for all.

– Airbnb, Sep 2022
Great beer tour with Prague City Adventures! Alexis C.

I had a great time with Guillaume on the Czech beer and tapas tour! We got out of the touristy areas and saw craft beer from a local's perspective. I'd recommend this tour to any beer lover who wants to see more of the city and learn about the beer culture in Prague. Thanks Guillaume!!

– Google, Aug 2022
Great tour of local beer pubs Lynette P

Really great tour of the local beer pubs with Vojtech. So much fun and informative!! Vojta is a lot of fun. We enjoyed it very much!!! Thanks!

– TripAdvisor, Jun 2022
Beer is best with the experts! Phlua

This tour is a beer-lovers dream, and equally great for anyone looking to enjoy a great evening in Prague. Martin was so knowledgeable and passionate about beer and Prague's rich beer history. We enjoyed hearing the stories of how beer became such an important part of the culture in Prague, as well as the experience at some of the most historic, interesting, and fun places for a drink in the city. Loved it!

– TripAdvisor, May 2022
Beer Tour John C

The beer tour was a lot of fun. Martin was an excellent and knowledgeable guide. We had a great time and saw some parts of Prague that we hadn’t explored yet.

– TripAdvisor, April 2022