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Prague’s Winter Escape: Cozy Cafes Handpicked by Our Team


Prague tourists enjoying a cup of hot chocolate in on our our favorite Prague's cafes


Welcome to the enchanting city of Prague, where the winter chill outside is no match for the warmth and charm of its hidden coffee havens. But wait, this isn’t your typical list of cafes; it’s a curated collection brought to you by our diverse team of Prague enthusiasts, each with its own unique flavor.


1. Super Tramp Coffee

Let’s kick things off with a recommendation from Michaela – Super Tramp Coffee. Nestled snugly within the Vilímko publishing house, this cafe is a well-kept secret between Opatovicka and Spálená streets. It was unveiled in 2015, a labor of pure madness and enthusiasm, and it boasts not just coffee but also a garden adorned with raspberries, a nostalgic gramophone, and a history waiting to be uncovered.


2. Cukrář Skála

Now, for all the sweet-toothed adventurers out there, Tereza has just the spot for you: Cukrář Skála. There are a few of them but you can’t go wrong if you visit the one in V Celnici street – it’s a dessert lover’s paradise where everything, despite its modern appearance, is crafted from the simplest of ingredients. Inspired by traditional recipes, the sweet offerings are a testament to Lukáš Skála’s culinary journey, infused with flavors from his global adventures.


delicious-looking traditional Czech desserts at Cukrar Skala in Prague's V Celnici street


3. Choco Café

Is hot chocolate your guilty pleasure? Follow Nikola’s advice and make a beeline for Choco Café, especially the Liliová Street branch. Here, you can warm your soul with a cup of liquid perfection while basking in the cozy ambiance. It’s not just hot chocolate; it’s a warm hug in a mug.


4. Mezi řádky

For those who believe in sipping coffee with a side of social impact, heed Pavla’s recommendation and visit Mezi řádky in Šporkův Palác. This cafeteria operates with a mission, giving people with disabilities an opportunity to shine. Enjoy excellent coffee, artisanal treats, and a daily lunch menu – because good coffee tastes even better when paired with a good cause.


5. Grand Cafe Orient

Architectural marvel meets culinary delight at Grand Cafe Orient, as suggested by Johanka. Located inside the iconic House of the Black Madonna, this café offers both elegance and a menu of international dishes. Don’t forget to try the custard-filled choux pastry “věneček,” a delightful nod to Cubism.


a group of tourists and a tour guide enjoying coffee and a dessert at a cosy coffee shop in Prague


6. Černá Madona

Just around the corner, you’ll find Černá Madona, which Jan recommends for its fantastic atmosphere. Named after the historic building it occupies, this rondocubist café promises a delightful experience, complete with fresh sandwiches, famous desserts, and tasty coffee. This one should be on your tourist bucket list anyway


7. Kavárna pražírna Voznice

If you’re a true coffee connoisseur seeking beans straight from the source, follow Katy to Coffee Roastery Voznice. With a focus on specialty coffee, they even offer their beans for purchase. This is the place for those who appreciate quality and a perfectly brewed cup of joe (and a good souvenir to take back home).


a close up of a machine for grinding and roasting coffee beans and Kavarna Prazirna Voznice in Prague


8. Café Pod Lipami

Venture to the vibrant Letná area with Vojta’s pick, Café Pod Lipami. Even though Vojta is not a coffee shop enthusiast, he enjoys the lively atmosphere of this student café, paired with high-quality, fair-trade coffee from Mamacoffee roasters. Situated beyond the city center, it’s the ideal spot for a relaxed breakfast or a casual lunch.


9. Brewery and Cafe Lajka

Once in the Letná neighborhood, why not do some more exploring? For those who revel in the perfect fusion of coffee and beer, let Martin guide you to the charming Brewery and Cafe Lajka. A longstanding meeting point for Letná locals and Praguers alike, this spot has become a community hub. With five years of caffeinated camaraderie under its belt, Lajka expanded its horizons by adding a brewery to its underground haven. Martin, one of our esteemed beer tour guides, vouches for its dual charm.


a tourist in Prague ready to order from a wide selection of beers at one of our favourite bars in Prague


10. Truhlárna

Amidst the bustling streets of Prague, Jří discovered peace at Truhlárna in the Franciscan Garden. Whether you’re here to unwind or in a rush, the café provides divine tranquility, offering the perfect escape from the city’s constant buzz.


11. Dobrá čajovna

Mark only drinks his own coffee, but when he HAS to go out, he goes to Dobrá čajovna – not a coffee shop but a charming tea room. Located in the heart of the city, it’s THE place for tea enthusiasts, boasting a calming atmosphere and a diverse selection of high-quality teas from around the world.


a cup of tea served on a wooden tray with a tea pot in a cozy tea room in Prague


Remember, these are not merely coffee shops; they are portals to Prague’s very soul, each with a unique story waiting for you to unravel. So, grab a cup, savor the uniqueness, and let Prague’s hidden gems warm your heart this winter. Prague City Adventures welcomes you to an unforgettable experience!


December 14, 2024