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Virtual: Intro to the Mysterious World of the Tarot

Quick Details

Screen All Ages

An introductory lesson on the Tarot by an experienced reader

The Tarot is often considered a very confusing and mysterious item veiled in hidden wisdom and nothing could be further from the truth!

Join us as we explain the history, myths and symbolism that make up the Tarot. In our one hour introductory lesson we will breakdown the structure of the deck, the card arrangement and the simplest ways to remember the meaning of the cards.

The lesson it interactive and the guests will be learning to interpreted the cards from the start with just a few simple rules. At the end of the lesson there will be a short reading where the student will see how the cards work together.

tarot cards spread on a table
Engaging teacher, goes below surface level explanations. CatMor

We loved our session with Mark! He really goes into detail and is easy to follow. Great teacher!

– Amazon Explore, July 2022
a stack of tarot cards and crystals spread on a table
Excellent Experience Elisa

I really enjoyed diving into the tarot. Mark as always is a wonderful host. Very knowledgeable and fun.

– Amazon Explore, May 2022
tarot cards
Incredible for beginners! J. Pestka

Absolutely perfect for beginners. The structure of the tarot was explained in a way that was easy to comprehend and remember. The instructor was engaging and happy to answer questions. Overall I highly recommend this for anyone who wants a great overview of the tarot and an affordable, interactive briefer.

– Amazon Explore, September 2021