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PRIVATE: Stories of Prague’s Jewish Quarter

Walk the Beautiful Jewish Quarter of Prague and Hear about the Lives of Its Most Prominent Representatives

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a tour guide standing in front of a group of tourists and pointing at the Maisel Synagogue in the Jewish Quarter of Prague

a group of tourists with a tour guide walking in the Jewish Quarter of Prague

Delve into Prague’s Historic Jewish Tapestry

Amidst the tumult of World War II, Prague stands as a remarkable exception—the sole European city where Jewish heritage remained unscathed. This singular resilience has gifted us an array of impeccably preserved sites and monuments, rendering Prague’s Jewish Town a truly peerless treasure. Embark with us on a journey through the alluring Fifth Quarter of Prague, where every cobbled street whispers stories of yore. Delve into the enthralling history of the Jewish community, its echoes resonating through time, as we share poignant narratives of its most luminous figures.

the Maisel Synagogue, one of the most beautiful synagogues in the Jewish Quarter of Prague, seen from the side

Tour Highlights:

  • Guaranteed excellence: Tour Prague with the Arival Spotlight Award-winning provider, promising unparalleled quality in every experience
  • History come alive: Visit the oldest still-active synagogue in the world and learn about the legendary being that rests in its attic
  • Must-see: Admire the Spanish Synagogue, the most beautiful and unusual site in Prague’s Jewish Town
  • Unique landmarks: Stroll around the oldest Jewish cemetery that inspired the Italian writer Umberto Eco in writing his novel “Prague Cemetery”
  • Legacy: Hear touching stories of inspiring Jewish characters in the Pinkas Synagogue dedicated to all the Czech victims of the holocaust
  • Unusual sights: Witness the extensive collection of beautiful and ornate objects related to the Jewish culture in the Maisel Synagogue
  • Live the past: Immerse yourselves into the life and traditions of Jews who were confined to the former Prague ghetto for more than 300 years
  • Refreshing break: Let the emotions settle in with a cup of high-quality coffee at a brand-new café within the Quarter
  • Perks of a private tour: Choose your own pickup point and starting time, have the guide just for yourself
a tour guide pointing out a Jewish symbolism to a group of tourists on a Prague Jewish Quarter walking tour

Explore the Most Visited Museum in the Czech Republic

The first Jews arrived in Prague already back in the 10th century and the development of the Jewish community played an essential role in the evolution of the city as a whole. Their lives and hardships are forever part of our history as a nation.

On this tour, we’ll take you to four different synagogues, each of them very original in style, and the Old Jewish Cemetery, the oldest one in the world! With the exception of the Old-New Synagogue, all the sites are part of Prague’s Jewish Museum, the most visited museum in the Czech Republic.

a group of tourists and a tour guide standing at the meeting point for our Prague Jewish Quarter walking tour

Find Yourself on the Streets of the Old Jewish Town 

Besides housing thousands of precious items of Jewish origin, the Maisel Synagogue is also home to Langweil’s Model of Prague, an absolutely uncommon exhibit that will take you back in time and right into the streets of the Jewish Quarter before its complete reconstruction.

The Spanish Synagogue might be the youngest one in Prague but its original interior is truly unequaled in beauty and style. Somewhat more modest in appearance, the Pinkas Synagogue hosts a touching memorial to the Jewish lives lost during the holocaust.

a tour guide pointing out the stumbling stones to a group of tourists in Prague's Jewish Quarter

Visit the Oldest Jewish Cemetery in the World

Built in the 15th century, the Jewish Cemetery of Prague is the oldest and best preserved in the world. What makes it even more special is the fact that it’s 2.5 meters higher than the surrounding streets. Why? Because there are at least 10 layers of dead buried under the surface! In addition, the tombstones are covered with Jewish symbolism – can you guess what it stands for?

the tombs inside the Old Jewish Cemetery in Prague's Jewish Quarter

And finally, the Old-New Synagogue is not only impressively old and well-preserved but also shrouded in myth and mystery. Did you know that Golem, the legendary being in Jewish folklore, was allegedly put to rest right in its attic? Maybe he’s still around…

the Old-New Synagogue in the Jewish Quarter of Prague

Hear the Family History of Madeleine Albright and Other Touching Stories

Yes, there’ll be lots of drama on the tour as well! Have your napkin ready as these stories will bring you to tears. For centuries the Jewish community was draped in prejudice and envy resulting in the tragic events of the Holocaust. And yet, some of the most distinguished, educated, and inspiring people have been members of this historically slighted community.

Let’s hear the touching and surprisingly intertwined stories of its famous representatives, including the American diplomat Madeleine Albright, the Austrian artist Friedl Brandeis, or the British humanitarian Sir Nicholas Winton, who has on his account the rescue of almost 700 Jewish children from former Czechoslovakia.

the stunning inside decoration of the Spanish Synagogue in Prague

Share the Legacy of the Jewish Community of Prague

Behind the sad history of Jews in Europe lies the undeniable string of hope and legacy for the future that makes these stories worth reliving. The so-called “Stumbling Stones” of Prague, which we’ll also observe on this tour, are a living monument to the Jewish community and a reminder that as long as we remember these people, they’ll keep on living in our hearts.

Hungry After the Tour?

You could probably eat a horse after all that walking! We’ve got you covered, just let us know and we’ll take you for a traditional Czech lunch at our favourite restaurant in the area. The price is 35 EUR per person.

a gingerbread Golem available for purchase on the Prague Jewish Quarter walking tour

What Else You Should Know About This Prague Tour

If you love history, architecture, and exploring new places along with locals, this Prague Jewish Quarter tour is for you!

our tour guide Johanka enjoying a cup of coffee with a group of tourists on the Prague Jewish Quarter tour

Check out our Local Guide to Prague and tour the city like a pro!

A life-changing tour of the Jewish Quarter Cheryl

The tour is life changing if you want to get a true perspective of Jewish life in Czech Republic before WWII. The memorial at the Spanish Synagogue is also an experience that everyone should be witness to. Michaela is beyond knowledgable and was able to make my tour one that I will never forget.

– Airbnb, Nov 2022
Such a powerful tour, you have to do it! Becky S.

This Jewish Heritage walking tour was amazing. So powerful & I cannot recommend it enough! Our guide Nikola did a fantastic job tailoring the tour for our family which included our two kids (ages 7 & 11). All of us really saw this tour as the highlight to our wonderful weekend in Prague.

– Google, Nov 2022
Jewish Quarter with Pavla Greg G.

We (my wife and I) did the Prague City Adventures walking tour of the Jewish Quarter with Pavla and had a wonderful experience. Pavla was exceptionally knowledgeable of the Jewish history and showed us the best locations to visit. Additionally, she followed up with an information email providing links to additional resources based upon topics we experienced on the tour. We also purchased the lunch package which initially I thought was a bit pricey, but was well worth it considering the cost covered the lunch and also provided a relaxed forum where Pavla could share some additional recommendations for further sight seeing on our own.

– TripAdvisor, Oct 2022
A must do tour if you are interested in Jewish Community and Heritage in Prague Klaudija

This was on of those tours and experiences that will stay with me for a long time. Our guide Tereza took us on a journey through time with her excellent storytelling. History tours are usually very dry with a lot of facts and dates, this tour was not one of those. The history was told through anecdotes, stories, examples, and conversations. 3 hours went by very quickly. It was an emotional and beautiful experience.

– Airbnb, Sep 2022
Great experience Karel K.

A walk with Katerina through the historical realities of the Jewish town is really worth it. She introduced us to several synagogues and their interiors, as well as to many objects of everyday life, the significance of which I had not known anything about until now. Even though I had already visited some objects before on my own, it was only now with such an informed guide that I really got the right experience. Big thanks.

– TripAdvisor, Jul 2022
Fascinating!! Andy M

This was such a fascinating experience, that left me wanting to know more and to read more on the subject. Nikola was a master at story telling and engaged us all even though we were a very diverse group from different countries and spanning old and young alike. The stories come within an emotional context which Nikola told with empathy and undestanding. Thanks to Prague City Adventures!!

– TripAdvisor, May 2022
A Must-Do Tour in Prague PHLUA

This was an amazing experience in the Jewish Quarter with Nikola and Prague City Adventures. The sites we visited on the tour were absolutely incredible, and Nikola really brought the history and culture to life with telling stories and providing valuable context. It was a moving and emotional experience, and truly memorable.

– TripAdvisor, May 2022
Amazing Petr G

We absolutely loved our tour around the Jewish Town in Prague with Prague City Adventures. Time literally stopped for us during the tour and we traveled back to the Medieval times. In the Synagogues, we heard the stories of extraordinary people, learned about their traditions and thanks to the fantastic Museum exhibition we even looked into their houses. Our guide walked us through the Jewish Cemetery full of symbols and messages. We were saddened by the walls of the Pinkas Synagogue commemorating all the people murdered during the Holocaust. And the end, we were stunned by the gorgeous interior of the Spanish Synagogue, full of silence and peace. Thank you so much to our guide Katerina, who was both knowledgeable and fun as appropriate and helped us learn about past so that we could understand the present. Thank you. Highly recommended!

– TripAdvisor, May 2022