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What to Pack for Your Trip to Prague


a piece of open luggage ready to be packed for a trip to Prague


Do you tend to plan your travels in detail or do you prefer to go with the flow when you arrive? If you are a bit like me, you will be in the first group. I have always enjoyed reading about the local culture and customs of my destinations beforehand. For me, it is important and it is the best way I have found to get into the vibe of the place before soaking in the local atmosphere to the fullest. In any case, whichever group you belong to, I am sure you will be blown away by Prague’s beauty. Now, what both groups have in common is packing for the trip, right? This might sound like a no brainer, but trust me, the weather in Prague can be quite tricky, so read on to find out what not to forget for your next trip here.

First things first, Prague changes seasons like a dancer changes costumes and like a great dancer, she looks breathtaking in all of them. So, whatever season you choose to visit, you will not be disappointed, but be sure to prepare well. Prague is no Paris when it comes to fashion. Of course, we  follow the latest fashion trends, but if I could describe the Czech style in one word, I’d say we dress comfortably. Here is how to stay comfortable just like the locals!



Spring in Prague is one of the most pleasant periods of the year. There is this special energy that fills up the city when you see everything slowly turning green and starting to bloom. Be aware though, that sometimes it can snow until April, so if you are planning a trip in this period, don’t forget your winter clothes. For May and June, focus on layers and don’t forget a raincoat as rain is not uncommon in this period.


the blooming apple trees in the Petrin orchard with a view of Prague Castle in the background



In the last couple of years the summers have become much hotter here, with temperatures rising up to 37 C (98 F) at times, so be sure to take light and breezy clothes that will enable your body to breathe.  That being said, sunscreen and a good hat are an absolute must too! Now, besides being quite hot, it tends to rain often in summer, and when it does, it comes out of the blue and rains a lot. So, a good umbrella, or even better, a raincoat will do the job perfectly. Consider a light jacket as well, the temperatures sometimes fall during the night.


a group of people standing close together admiring a beautiful panoramic view of Prague



Autumn in Prague is nothing short of magical. The golden light of the last rays of the summer sun turns the city into a masterpiece the most talented artists would have troubles to paint. In September, we usually enjoy the many blessings of an Indian summer, and afterwards, both the trees and the temperatures start to fall. Although the autumn here is quite mild, by the end of October the lowest temperatures go down to 6-7 C (99 F), so, a warm and comfortable jacket and lots of layers will keep you nice and warm. And here comes that raincoat again! Let’s just put it simply, it doesn’t rain as much as in England, but it tends to rain quite often, so if you want to enjoy your trip without any issues, make some room for a raincoat or a waterproof jacket. I personally prefer it to an umbrella, because that way I have free hands for taking photos and drinking beer.


a view of Prague from the Petrin Observatory Tower during autumn in Prague



Prague has rather mild winters, and the temperature does not stay below zero for a long time. That being said, it can get down to-20C (-4F), so you should be prepared for everything. Think layers, thick winter jacket and really good ankle boots. Trust me, you don’t want to spend hours walking around with wet feet. Even hot mulled wine couldn’t help you warm up then! If I were you, I would also swap my jeans for warm winter trousers and maybe even consider extra layer of tights/long johns if the temperatures go extremely low. Of course, a full winter gear such as a winter hat, a scarf and gloves is a must too. If you don’t mind the cold but don’t have a head for crowds, January and February are the best months to visit. During this period, all the sites are almost empty.


Prague's Charles Bridge covered by snow


Now that you know the basic characteristics of the seasons in Prague you can make more informed choices and pack smart. Here is a list of tips that will help you when you’re planning your next trip to Prague.

  • Comfortable walking shoes

Prague is best appreciated on foot, everything is easily reachable, and honestly it would be a pity to miss all the beauty by passing it by in a car. It is a hilly city full of cobbled streets, so high heels don’t stand a chance here. The only place I would consider wearing them would be the theatre. We tend to dress quite smartly for this occasion. For the summer, opt for comfy sandals, in spring/autumn go for light sneakers, and in winter, be sure to take waterproof winter boots, it gets quite icy out there!

  • A light jacket

As I already mentioned, the weather changes quickly here, so be prepared for all occasions and take a light jacket, even for the summer! In spring and autumn it will keep you warm if paired with light layers. If it’s waterproof, it will save you the space of the next item on the list: a raincoat.

  • A raincoat

Be on the safe side and take a raincoat or an umbrella with you. Rain is not unusual here especially in late spring and on summer afternoons. 

  • European two-pin electrical adapter

Remember that the outlets are different here and get ready for that in advance. While we are on this topic, I must mention that investing into a power bank is a really good idea. The long sightseeing tours will drain your phone’s energy, so it’s always good to have a backup.

  • A secure backpack or hip bag

Yes, this might be the tell-tale sign of a tourist from miles away, but in this case, it is best to stick to the tourist cliché. Sadly, there are a lot of pickpockets in Prague, so if I were you, I would prefer to keep my belongings close to my body at all times.

  • An empty water bottle

Tap water is drinkable everywhere in Prague (read restaurant bathrooms), so a good refillable water bottle will save you tons of money and you will stay hydrated at all times. In winter, consider also taking a thermos bottle. Coffee and tea can stay warm for hours in it, and you never know when you might need a warm sip.


a group of people following a tour guide across the Charles Bridge in Prague


I hope that you find these tips useful and that they will make your trip to Prague more enjoyable. If you want to get more insider tips while you’re here, consider our Urban Adventure tours. They are led by locals who will take you off the beaten path, on a journey of gastronomic and cultural discovery. So, put on your comfy shoes and light jacket and join our Prague City Highlights Tour


January 13, 2020