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Unmissable Prague Music Festivals:

June 2022


a solo female guitarist playing in front of a crowd during a music festival in Prague


Whether you’re in Prague for a month or just for a few days this June, you probably won’t be starved for entertainment. There is beer to drink, all the almost compulsory touristy sites to visit, people to meet and the atmosphere of general relaxed splendour of summer to soak up.

If you want to add some culture of the aural kind anyway, here are the music festivals happening in Prague in June. We’re going chronologically, not in order of size or importance.


Praha žije hudbou (Prague Lives Music) – June 3-4 2022

If you’re lucky enough to spend the first weekend of June in Prague, be sure to check out this unorthodox busking festival which doesn’t have a strict venue or programme. In fact, if you’re walking through the city centre, you probably will not be able to avoid it.


a group of people in a city


Musicians, players, even circus performers will be popping up randomly all over Prague and you can just enjoy the show. Even some big names from Czech showbiz are going to make an appearance so this is not just for artists still waiting to be discovered.


United Islands of Prague – June 10-11 2022

United Islands of Prague has a 19-year-long tradition, it takes place in June on the Vltava islands in the Prague centre (Střelecký, Dětský, Kampa and Janáčkovo waterfront), free of charge. This year is highlighting the Czech Presidency over the EU Council, which is starting in July, which is why the festival is actually going by United Islands of Europe: Freedom Edition.

We’re expecting a lot of up-and-coming artists from Eastern Europe – not just our immediate neighbours but also Belarus and Ukraine. There is a lot of non-music programme if you’re not into obscure European music – you can just stroll to one of the islands (all of them are connected to the mainland by bridges, it’s not like they’re isolated or anything) and sample what’s on offer.


Respect Festival – June 18-19 2022

The 25th annual Respect Festival is taking place on the 3rd June weekend and takes place on Rohanský island (north-east of the main city centre, closest metro stop is Invalidovna) – this means that if you’re interested you’ll probably have to actually go there on purpose.



Not only that, you’ll also have to buy tickets! This festival centres on alternative and world music, most of the performers confirmed so far are from Africa and because of the festival’s non-orthodox nature the food on offer is also really interesting.


Metronome Prague – June 23-25 2022

The biggest and most mainstream (and also, as these things often go, the most pricey) of June Prague music festivals (and the biggest music festival Prague will see this summer) is the Metronome. It’s coming back after a covid-enforced hiatus in 2020 and 2021 and it’s bringing some big names (the main act is Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds on the opening day) as well as showcasing almost everything the local music scene has to offer. The venue is Výstaviště, a big expo area next to the largest of Prague city parks – Stromovka.



This one is, once again, not just something you wonder into – it’s your classical big music festival with expensive tickets, security checks and crowds, crowds, crowds (not that the others mentioned here are expected to be crowd-free, but because of their more relaxed atmosphere they tend to be less oppressive). To their credit though, Metronome uses refundable cups, compostable dishes, international and exotic foods and cash-free payments to provide the smoothest and least eco-unfriendly experience, so there is that.


But…but…what if I miss the weekends?

Now those of you planning to visit Prague for a weekend in June might be rejoicing, but what if your visit is limited to weekdays because you’re trying to avoid crowds, or you just found an extra good deal? Worry not, most of us locals will probably give the festivals a wide berth anyway. We’re much more content just sitting somewhere with a pint/glass of fizzy water/lemonade (not that there will be a lack of these at any of the festivals).

It all depends on the weather and the beer on offer, really – when it’s sunny, just walking along the river, enjoying the view and purchasing random pints along the way is afternoon program enough. When you can enjoy interesting music or circus acts as you go, even better, but honestly, in Prague you will always find something cool, and it doesn’t necessarily have to be a music festival!


May 25, 2022