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Best Things to Do in Prague in Autumn 2023

Embrace the Season’s Delights


a group of tourist walking on a city street in Prague together with a local tour guide pointing out the beauties of autumn in the city


As the crisp air of autumn descends upon the charming city of Prague, an unparalleled opportunity awaits those with an appetite for seasonal magic. Stepping into fall’s embrace, the rich history and stunning architecture of Prague merge with the vibrant colors of nature, creating an experience that’s nothing short of enchanting. Here are some suggestions to brighten up your stay in the “city of hundred spires” during the fall season of 2023. 

1. Exploring the Old Town and Charles Bridge: A Journey Through Time

Walking through Prague’s Old Town and across the iconic Charles Bridge during autumn is akin to stepping into a time capsule. As the air cools down and leaves begin to fall, the historic architecture of the Old Town takes on an enchanting glow, illuminated by the gentle sunlight. Stroll along the narrow streets, lined with colorful trees, and lose yourself in the melodies of street musicians. The Charles Bridge, adorned with centuries-old statues and framed by the vibrant palette of autumn leaves, offers a poetic view of the Vltava River. With each step, you’ll be immersed in the beauty of the season and the rich history that Prague has to offer.

a group of tourists facing a tour guide on the Charles Bridge with a view of Prague Castle in the background

If you want to add a bit of a local perspective to your autumn walk, let us know and we’ll accompany you on an unforgettable Prague City Highlights Tour.

2. Embrace Nature: Prague’s Parks Beckon

For a nature-infused experience, Prague’s parks beckon with their autumnal allure. Venture up Petřín Hill for panoramic views of the city, where trees are painted in shades of gold and orange. The Letná Park provides a perfect backdrop for a leisurely stroll, while Stromovka Park offers a serene oasis in the heart of the urban landscape. Kampa, with its charming waterfront, is the ideal spot to enjoy the tranquil rustling of fallen leaves along the riverbank. Whether you’re seeking a peaceful escape or a place to relish the season’s beauty, Prague’s parks offer an inviting respite.

a view of the Prague Castle complex from the Petrin Park in autumn

Petřín is your spot for perfect pictures of Prague bathed in autumn colors.

3. Unveiling History: Prague Castle and Hradčany

Fall is the perfect time to explore the grandeur of Prague Castle and the charm of the Hradčany neighborhood. As you ascend the cobblestone pathways, the centuries-old architecture is adorned with the warm hues of autumn. Prague Castle’s courtyards and gardens are a testament to the city’s rich history, while the Hradčany streets radiate with an ambiance that is both medieval and captivatingly current. A visit during this season allows you to savor the architecture, culture, and history of Prague in a truly immersive way.

a group of tourists enjoying a stunning view of Prague from one of the royal gardens of the Prague Castle

Not many tourists are aware of the stunning views of Prague from the Castle gardens. Join us for a stroll through the Castle grounds to discover more insider tips!

4. Culinary Adventures: Savor Hearty Czech Delights

Autumn in Prague is a feast for the senses, both visually and gastronomically. Indulge in traditional Czech dishes like svíčková (marinated beef with cream sauce), guláš (goulash), and schnitzel. As the season progresses, delight in the heartiness of roasted duck and the rich flavors of St. Martin’s goose, best enjoyed with local wine. And don’t forget to satisfy your sweet tooth with a slice of apple strudel, capturing the essence of fall in every bite.

tourists enjoying bites of traditional Czech cuisine on a food tour in Prague

Nothing is better than indulging in these culinary delights together with a local food expert! Join our Old Town Traditional Czech Food Tour and immerse yourself in the heart of Prague’s history and cuisine, enjoying both sightseeing and delectable food in one unforgettable experience.

5. Immerse Yourself in Culture: Prague’s Museums and Galleries

As the days grow shorter and the temperatures drop, Prague’s museums and galleries invite you to embrace culture indoors. Discover masterpieces at the National Gallery, learn about Czech history at the Museum of Communism, and admire scientific and historical exhibits at the National Muzeum. The fall season provides the perfect backdrop to explore Prague’s vibrant cultural scene, and the warmth of the city’s artistic treasures can provide a delightful contrast to the autumn chill.

the building of the National Muzeum in Prague after its recent reconstruction

After the recent reconstruction, the building of the National Muzeum itself is worth checking out!

6. Embrace the Grape Harvest: Have a Cup of Fresh Burčák

In September, the Czech countryside comes alive with the vibrant tradition of grape harvest. In Prague, you can partake in this centuries-old ritual by enjoying burčák, a young and slightly fermented wine. The aroma of ripe grapes fills the air, and as you sip on burčák, you’re not just tasting a drink but joining in on a celebration of the harvest season itself. It’s an opportunity to immerse yourself in local culture and experience the true essence of autumn in Prague.

a vineyard in Prague

Check this article for more tips on how to get the best of the Harvest season in Prague.

7. Illuminate Your Experience: Signal Festival in October

October brings with it the mesmerizing Signal Festival, a celebration of light, art, and technology. As the nights grow longer, Prague’s streets and landmarks become canvases for light installations and projections. From historic buildings to hidden alleyways, the city is transformed into an ethereal realm of illuminated wonder. The Signal Festival presents a captivating fusion of art and technology, providing a unique opportunity to explore Prague in a whole new light—quite literally.


a light installation on the Signal Festival in Prague


Don’t forget to get your tickets to the VIP installations in advance!

September 5, 2023

  • Stunning Views
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History lovers alert! We bet Prague Castle is on your Prague must-see list. Let’s walk together through a lesser-known entrance to the complex and explore the most magnificent site in our country. You’ll love the architecture and the splendid views from its gardens.