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Day Trip to the Terezín Concentration Camp

with a Private Car and a Driver-Guide

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Embark on an emotional journey through history with our Private Day Trips from Prague to the Terezín Concentration Camp. In just 6 hours, you will experience the tragedy of Terezín, a former military fortress and garrison town that played a devastating role during World War II. Feel the impact of the war on Czechoslovakia as you explore Terezín’s haunting past.

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  • Unbelievable past: Witness the haunting history of the Terezín Concentration Camp with your own eyes
  • Daily lives: Visit a former Gestapo prison and gain insight into the lives of prisoners and victims
  • Go deeper: See a propaganda film at the Ghetto Museum and learn about the Nazi propaganda machine
  • See, feel, understand: Explore the Terezín Big Fortress, including the crematorium, prayer room, and other poignant sights
  • Incredible stories: Hear powerful stories from the times of the Holocaust and its most inspiring victims
  • Complete experience: Travel in comfort with a private van and a knowledgeable local guide
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Feel the Breath of the Past

Located just outside of Prague, Terezín is a former concentration camp that was used during World War II by the Nazis as a propaganda tool to show the world that they were treating the Jews well. However, the reality was much different, and Terezín was a place of immense suffering and hardship.

Discover how this once-stronghold was turned into a police prison for the Gestapo and visit the Terezín Small Fortress where 2,500 prisoners lost their lives to hunger, disease, torture, and execution. Walk through the prison barracks, workshops, dark solitary confinement cells, and pay your respects at the cemetery dedicated to the victims of this horrific era.

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Pay Tribute to the Victims of the Holocaust

On this tour, we’ll witness chilling artifacts at the Ghetto Museum of Terezín in the Big Fortress, where over 150,000 deportees came through until the end of the war, with 35,000 of them losing their lives. We’ll see a collage of drawings by children imprisoned at the camp and watch a propaganda movie produced by the Nazis to present Terezín as a “gift” to the Jews.

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Our final stop is the Terezín Big Fortress, where we’ll spend two hours touring the crematorium, prayer room, and other important sights. You’ll see the barracks where the prisoners were kept, the crematorium where their bodies were burned, and the prayer room where they were able to worship. Experience the hunger, slave labor, and epidemics that ravaged prisoners’ lives.

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No Worries, We’ll Be There for You

Our knowledgeable guide will be with you throughout the tour to answer any questions, and the private tour can be customized to your preferences. After visiting Terezín’s Big Fortress, we will drive you back to your Prague hotel, leaving you with an unforgettable and thought-provoking experience.

Tour Itinerary

45 minute transfer from Prague to Terezín
1.5 hour tour of the Terezín Small Fortress – former Gestapo Prison
1.5 hour tour + propaganda film at the Ghetto Museum in the Terezín Big Fortress
2 hour tour of the Terezín Big Fortress – crematorium, prayer room, and other sights
45 minute return to Prague

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What Else You Should Know

If you love history, culture, and exploring new interesting places, this tour is for you!

  • Our tours run rain or shine

In case of rain, please dress accordingly and bring an umbrella or a raincoat with you. In winter, temperatures can get quite low, be aware of that and put an extra sweater into your backpack.

  • Put on your walking shoes 

Comfort is key on our tours, so we recommend wearing shoes that can handle cobblestones.

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