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Day Trip to the Medieval Town of Kutná Hora

with a Private Car and a Driver-Guide

Quick Details

Private Transfer
1-3 people
4-7 people
8-19 people
20-27 people
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Just one and a half hours from Prague, Kutná Hora is a gothic town with fascinating history. One of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, this picturesque town ranks among the most visited places in the country. Travelers from all over the world gather here to witness the mysterious Sedlec Ossuary, a chapel decorated with human bones that’s known as the Bone Church. Join us for this unusual experience and travel through time as you explore the medieval Old Town of Kutná Hora. Our driver-guide will show you some of the most popular spots as well as the places only known by locals.

Kutna Hora, Czechia.  St Barbara’s Cathedral on sunrise


  • Must-see: Visit the stunning St. Barbara’s Cathedral and admire its beautiful vaulted ceilings and frescoes
  • Gothic architecture: Explore the Stone Fountain in the picturesque Old Town of Kutná Hora
  • Culture: Join a fun tour to the former silver mines and experience the daily routine of local miners
  • Unique sight: Head to the mysterious Sedlec Ossuary or “Bone Church” made of human remains
  • Authentic experience: Travel through time as you wander the cobblestone streets of the picturesque medieval town

Rich in History and Architecture

Kutná Hora gain worldwide recognition for its silver mining already in the 12th century. During the Middle Ages it became one of the richest towns in the Czech Republic. You can still feel the prosperity of that golden era today as you admire the stately gothic architecture of many buildings throughout the historic Old Town. Let yourself be carried away by the romantic atmosphere of the cobblestone streets and some of the country’s most spectacular architectonic gems.

a large brick building

From the Cathedral of Saint Barbara to the Royal Mint

After the short transfer from Prague, we’ll begin our tour directly in the Old Town of Kutná Hora, dominated by the Cathedral of St. Barbara. The construction of this glamorous church was sponsored by the local community of miners and designed to rival the famous St. Vitus Cathedral of Prague. Take note of the masterful Neo-Gothic facade and the rich Baroque artwork that adorns this spectacular cathedral.

From there, we’ll move to the Italian Court that was once the Royal Mint. Important historic events used to take place here, from royal elections to the minting of the Prague groschen, our former currency. This complex also boasts an enchanting Gothic chapel. Today, the Italian Court houses a museum of mining and the history of Kutná Hora.

a large statue in front of a window

A Peak into the Former Silver Mine

Since we’re visiting a former mining town, a part of this tour focuses on the medieval technologies of mining, silver processing and minting. Would you like to see an ancient mining machine powered by horses or an actual silver mine? Let’s dive into a 250-meter-long medieval shaft! Open from April to October, this somewhat extreme experience is for tough personalities only and not recommended for people with claustrophobia. If you feel this might be for you, let us know in advance so that we can make arrangements.

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The Mysterious Church Made of Bones

In the nearby town of Sedlec, there’s the All Saints Chapel perched on top of the so-called “Bone Church.” It’s surrounded by a cemetery from the 13th century that was once home to many fallen soldiers. The legend goes that a half-blind monk piled the bones from these graves into pyramids and these were later used to decorate the Church. Over 40,000 bones and skulls form the ingenious facet of this truly unique structure. No trip to Kutná Hora is complete without the eerie and unforgettable experience of visiting the Sedlec Ossuary.

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Don’t worry, we won’t let you starve! We already planned a visit to a local restaurant where you can try dishes from traditional Czech cuisine. Please, remember that food and drink are not included in the price of the tour.

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Tour Itinerary

1 hour 20 minutes transfer from Prague to Kutná Hora
1 hour sightseeing tour of the Old Town
1 hour tour of the Italian Court (or the Silver Mine Tour)
1 hour lunch at a traditional Czech restaurant
30 minutes visit to the Bone Church
1 hour 20 minutes return to Prague

a group of people standing on top of a stone building

What Else You Should Know

If you love history, culture and exploring new interesting places, this tour is for you!

  • Our tours run rain or shine

In case of rain, please dress accordingly and bring an umbrella or a raincoat with you. In winter, temperatures can get quite low, be aware of that and put an extra sweater into your backpack. But remember – it’s your vacation, so if you are cold during the tour, just say so to your guide. There’s always a cafe nearby where you can warm up and then go on with the tour.

a large stone statue in front of a building
  • Put on your walking shoes 

Kutná Hora is a quiet town and its cobbled streets are perfect for walking – just make sure you wear a decent pair of shoes, especially if you’re up to the visit down under, to the silver mines!
Also note that the main attractions of Kutná Hora are churches and other religious sites. Please ensure you wear appropriate clothing that covers your knees and shoulders.

a close up of a church