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A Local’s Guide to Nusle in Prague


a panoramic view of Vysehrad in Prague


Nusle is one of the less-known parts of Prague, that is nevertheless worth visiting. Escape the crowds surrounding the Prague castle and explore the other side of the river, with its own beautiful fortification and other hidden gems. Petr is our local expert in Prague, who will give you some tips on what to do in this unforgettable neighbourhood. 


Who I am and what I do with Urban Adventures:

I became a beer guide because I love 3 things – to meet new people, talk, and taste new kinds of beer. For this reason, my work for Urban adventures is also my hobby. And how did I find this job? In Czech, we would say that I found it as “a blind man his violin” – in other words, it was a total coincidence. Another guide (and a great one!) Lukáš, who had been my friend for almost 4 years, asked me one day: “Look, you know a lot about beer and you are quite talkative, how about being a beer guide?” And I said yes. By now, I have already been a beer guide for 9 months.

How long I’ve been living/hanging-out in this neighborhood:

A couple of years ago, me and my ex-girlfriend were looking for a new apartment. Finally, we found a nice place for a perfect price right under Nuselský most (a really huge bridge). We liked it, so we moved in and stayed for 3 years. Although I no longer live in this part of town, I never miss a chance to revisit the neighbourhood.

Why I love it:

This neighborhood has a unique atmosphere! Genius loci of that area is simply amazing – it is not only about the beautiful buildings, great neighbours, and perfect pubs, but also about the magical place called Vyšehrad. It is a very old fortress surrounded by plenty of legends. My favorite one is about the duke Horymír jumping on a horse from the high rock. If you visit Vyšehrad, definitely take a look – the height will give you some shivers. First mentions of the fortress come already from the 11th century, but there is much more to see than the rampart itself.


strolling the fortification walls of the Vysehrad Castle in Prague


→ The walls of the Vyšehrad fortress offer a pleasant walk with a picturesque view of Prague | Image credit Pixabay

You can also find a large cemetery, where the most important people of the Czech lands are buried (have you ever heard of our famous composers Antonín Dvořák and Bedřich Smetana?), a really beautiful basilica of Saint Peter and Paul, a huge park, where you can enjoy a picnic, and, last but not least, a really breathtaking view of Prague – not only of the Old Town, but also the other parts of the city!

Why you should come:

  1. There are almost no tourists in this neighborhood. You might forget about the crowds on Charles Bridge or in the Old Town Square.
  2. Do you enjoy romantic views? Vyšehrad is a perfect place to go for a beautiful view of Prague!
  3. Do you love beer? You won’t be disappointed, for sure! There is also a lot of restaurants with traditional Czech cuisine. 

a close up of a roasted duck leg and potato dumplings in the background


→ The Nusle Neighbourhood offers some of the best restaurants with local Czech cuisine


My top 10 recs:

  1. I definitely recommend going to a pub called Zlý Časy. In English, the name means “Bad Times,” but believe me, it is a lie. With over 36 different taps across three floors, you will actually have great times!
  2. Sousedský pivovar Bašta is a microbrewery. There you can taste not only their own great beer but also a roasted duck, which this place is truly famous for.
  3. Do you like Italian cuisine? Then definitely visit Pizza Pasta Baretta, which is an awesome place to eat. You will be surprised because it is a thematic place – everything is named after native Americans.
  4. Next to Pizza Pasta Baretta is a bar bearing the same name. It’s very cozy and they have some nice cocktails there!
  5. They even have a café right next to the previous two places. All three of them are definitely worth visiting!
  6. If you want to try some local Czech meals, definitely visit a place called U Kroka.
  7. However, don’t stick just with the Czech and Italian cuisine! The most widespread non-European ethnic minority in Prague are the Vietnamese. And to be honest, Vietnamese cuisine is great. If you would like to see one of the authentic places, just visit Pho Nusle.
  8. What you definitely shouldn’t miss is the above-mentioned fortress of Vyšehrad and the beautiful citadel with romantic views of Prague.
  9. Do you like botanical gardens? There is one! You should give it a try.
  10. When you are inside the garden, visit Mrtvá ryba. It’s a small place with great beers, run by local students.


a close up of a flower garden in the Botanical Garden of Prague


→ Visit the Botanical Garden that belongs to the Science Faculty of Charles-University


How to get to this neighborhood:

It’s not difficult to reach this neighborhood. From Wenceslas square take the red metro line to station Vyšehrad. Once there, you can either walk down into the valley or go directly to the fortress. You can also take the tram number 24 from Wenceslas square and get off at Botanická zahrada, Ortenovo náměstí, or Otakarova.


August 6, 2018


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History lovers alert! We bet Prague Castle is on your Prague must-see list. Let’s walk together through a lesser-known entrance to the complex and explore the most magnificent site in our country. You’ll love the architecture and the splendid views from its gardens.