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Prague From Above: A Rooftop Guide


a group of tourists and a tour guide overlooking the city of Prague


People say that Prague is an open-air museum; if you slow down and look up, the labyrinth of narrow streets teleports you back in time. From the towering Gothic churches and colourful Baroque facades, to the intricate and playful Art Nouveau and Cubist style buildings, Prague’s history is literally written on its walls.  So; getting lost in the charming Old Town alleys turns out to be a most rewarding experience!

If a slight change of perspective offers so much, imagine looking at the city from a bird’s-eye’s view? Thanks to Prague’s magnificent rooftop venues, you can admire the breath-taking panorama of ‘the city of a hundred spires’ while safely soaking up the lively buzz and relaxing with a refreshing drink in your hand or even a hearty meal on the table. Some of the rooftop venues have been around for decades, others have popped up only recently and offer a modern vibe. From high-end dining, to clubbing or alternative venues, Prague’s rooftop scene caters for every taste.


our Prague City guide Tereza enjoying a beautiful view of Prague's rooftops from above


Terasa u Prince

Terasa u Prince is located on the top of the unique hotel U Prince and is a venue with a long tradition. Right on the Old Town Square, it offers a fantastic view of the most famous Prague landmarks, such as the Astronomical Clock, the Týn Cathedral, the Prague Castle and the Petřín Hill. In fact, the view from this terrace is so stunning, that it has been listed among the best rooftop restaurants in the world! Also, the Old Town Square tends to get rather crowded, so this is an excellent opportunity to enjoy Prague’s most visited square while staying away from the fuss. On top of this, they offer a wide range of signature cocktails and quality wines. If you are feeling rather hungry, you can choose from the wide selection of traditional Czech and international dishes.  What is more, it is also open throughout the year thanks to the heating systems. As this is one of the most popular rooftop venues, make sure you make a reservation to get a table with a view!

Lucerna Palace

Don’t be misled by the unassuming Lucerna passage, the rooftop of the Palace of Lucerna is a true hidden gem right in the heart of the city and its curiosities start right at its entrance! You reach the rooftop via a pater noster elevator, an old-time passenger elevator with open compartments constantly going up and down in a loop. You simply step on or off the compartment when you reach your desired destination.

The building was constructed by the grandfather of Czechia’s famous president Václav Havel and still belongs to the Havel family. Several years ago, Mrs. Havel gave permission for the rooftop to be opened for the public and revived as a community space. Currently, visitors can not only marvel at the spectacular vistas while relaxing in the rooftop café but also enjoy different activities such as concerts, exhibitions, film screenings, yoga, dance lessons, etc. If you want to experience the more alternative and indie side of Prague, this is the place to go! The Lucerna rooftop is open every Saturday, Sunday and Monday from 3 p.m. until sunset. We highly recommend going there at sunset: watching the sun hide behind the Prague Castle while bathing the Old Town in golden rays gives a whole new meaning to the expression ‘Golden Prague’!


the rooftops in the Old Town of Prague seen from above through a window



Located right on the Wenceslas square, Duplex is yet another rooftop venue boasting an amazing view. What makes this venue truly special is the fact that it is divided in two parts: the first is a beautiful rooftop restaurant with an excellent offer, while the second is a music club spread on two floors. The Duplex club is one of the most popular clubs in Prague; it plays mainly electronic music and hosts world-renowned DJs such as Tiesto or David Guetta. So, if you want to get a taste of Prague’s nightlife, why not do it up in the clouds? Alongside the great music, Duplex is famous for its authentic cocktails and of course, the wonderful view from the cosy lounge area on the terrace. What is more, the terrace is open throughout the year, even in winter, thanks to the special (and very stylish) igloo-like compartments that keep you warm while enjoying the view!


CODA Restaurant

If you are looking for a more luxurious fine dining experience, then CODA restaurant is by far your best choice. Located in the heart of Malá Strana, its terrace offers a unique 360° panoramic view of the stunning Prague Castle, Petřín Tower and St. Nicholas cathedral. CODA restaurant terrace is open from April through October, and the amazing view is only enhanced by the exquisite Czech and international dishes prepared by some of the most famous Czech chefs. If you add the live piano music to all this, the venue turns into a perfect romantic spot to create unforgettable memories.


a table filled with various plates of modern Czech cuisine that you can try on our food tour in Prague



Kuchyň, which translates simply as ‘kitchen’ is one of the most recent and most vibrant restaurants on Prague’s culinary map. While it is not a rooftop restaurant per se, it is in the area of the Prague Castle on the premises of the National Gallery of Prague, which is on one of the highest points in Prague. So, enjoying a lovely meal on the restaurant’s terrace is bound to be amazing! However, this restaurant offers much more than a stunning location; dining there is a special culinary experience for all senses. Kuchyň does not have a menu; instead, the guests are taken inside to the main table where they have several dishes on display in big traditional pots. The restaurant offers old Czech recipes of the nobility cooked with a modern touch that literally melt into your mouth! While the waiters explain the dishes to you, you can let your senses decide which one you like best.  So, Kuchyň is the perfect location to relax and regain your strength after climbing the steep streets to Prague Castle! However, this is one of the trendiest restaurants at the moment, so don’t forget to make a reservation so that you can ensure your spot on the terrace.


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History lovers alert! We bet Prague Castle is on your Prague must-see list. Let’s walk together through a lesser-known entrance to the complex and explore the most magnificent site in our country. You’ll love the architecture and the splendid views from its gardens.