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A Locals’ Guide to Prague’s Hidden Gems


a tour guide with a group of tourists exploring the historic city center of Prague in the winter


Follow us on an extraordinary journey through Prague, led by our knowledgeable local guides who call this city home. They’ve uncovered a selection of hidden gems that are truly off the beaten path, making this list a special collection you won’t find anywhere else. With the guidance of our insightful residents, you’re in for an authentic Prague experience that’s as unique as the personalities of our guides. As you explore these lesser-known treasures, you’ll enjoy the advantage of encountering few other tourists, adding to the charm of your adventure.


Vrtba Garden – A Baroque Masterpiece

Nikola invites you for a stroll in the Vrtba Garden tucked away amidst the winding lanes of Malá Strana. While the crowds throng to Prague Castle, few venture here, leaving this enchanting garden a serene escape. Meander through its terraced landscape adorned with fragrant roses, elegant Baroque sculptures, and a grand staircase that leads to breathtaking panoramas of the Lesser Town and Prague Castle.

How to get there: Tram stop Malostranské Náměstí. The Vrtba Garden is open from April to October, 10 am to 6 pm. There is an entry fee of 120 CZK (5 EUR) for adults and 95 CZK (4 EUR) for kids.


inside the Vrtba Garden in Prague with a view of St. Nicolas Church in the background


Sapa – Prague’s Little Hanoi

Step into a little slice of Vietnam nestled on the outskirts of Prague, easily reachable by public transport. Recommended by Michaela, Sapa is a hidden culinary gem, offering delicious, authentic Vietnamese food and ingredients. You’ll be captivated by the unique atmosphere as you dine amidst the vivid flavors and fragrances of Vietnamese cuisine, all while savoring a piece of Vietnam in the heart of Prague.

How to get there: Bus 197 from Smíchovské nádraží to U Libušské sokolovny. Sapa is open every day from 8 am to 6 pm.


a Vietnamese lady serving food at a Vietnamese market called Sapa in Prague


Our Lady of Exile – A Private Viewpoint

For an intimate rendezvous with breathtaking Prague views, Our Lady of Exile is a secret viewpoint cherished by those in the know. With Tereza’s recommendation, you’ll find yourself in a place of romantic solitude with vistas that will make your heart soar. It is also where Tereza got proposed to, so if this is the purpose of your trip, this might be your spot!

How to get there: Walking from the tram stop Pohořelec


a couple of dogs watching a stunning view of Prague from the Petrin Park


Main Train Station – History Come Alive

The historic building of the Main Train Station in Prague holds more than just departing trains. Pavla invites you to explore the beautiful Fantova kavárna café with its magnificent ceiling, the first platform adorned with a statue of Nicholas Winton, and a waiting room where the door itself serves as a monument. Unveil the gems that intertwine with the station’s rich history.

How to get there: Metro stop Hlavní Nádraží


a train stationed in the historic hall of the Main Train Station in Prague


Vojanovy Sady – A Tranquil Escape

Johanka’s secret sanctuary is Vojanovy Sady, a peaceful haven away from the city’s hustle and bustle, yet located right in the heart of the Lesser Town. Tucked amidst the enchanting streets of Prague’s city center, this spot offers both historic charm and verdant beauty. Stroll through the serene gardens and discover the hidden corners that Johanka holds dear. You might even spot a peacock or two!

How to get there: Walking from the metro and tram stop Malostranská. Vojanovy Sady are open every day from 8 am to 5 pm and until 7 pm in the summer.


a peacock standing on top of a grass-covered field in the Vojanovy Sady Park in Prague


Nový Svět – The New World Neighborhood

Martin takes you to the neighborhood of Nový Svět, where time seems to stand still. This charming area located a stone’s throw from Prague Castle is an enchanting step back in time with its cobblestone streets, colorful facades, and timeless ambiance. Once you’re there, stop by the cozy Kavárna Nový Svět for a sip of delicious brew.

How to get there: Walking from the tram stop Brusnice. Kavárna Nový Svět is closed on Mondays.


a friendly-looking barista at a coffee shop in Prague


Nerudova Street – Wandering Through History

Mark recommends a stroll along Nerudova Street, where history is etched into the very facades and signs of the buildings. This enchanting thoroughfare, a part of the Royal Route, is named after the famous Czech writer Jan Neruda. As you walk through Nerudova Street, you’ll encounter a rich tapestry of architectural styles, intricate signs, and charming details that tell the stories of centuries past.

How to get there: Walking down from Prague Castle or up from the tram stop Malostranské náměstí


looking down Nerudova Street in the Lesser Town of Prague, the so-called Royal Way of ancient kings, with picturesque architecture consisting of baroque facades


Obora Hvězda – Nature’s Hideaway

Jan’s recommendation is not your usual city park. Obora Hvězda promises an escape into 84 hectares of forest with pristine greenery. Explore the local trails, observe the resident wildlife, admire the star-shaped building in the center, and savor moments of serenity in a natural reserve that has been proclaimed a National Historic Landmark.

How to get there: Walking from the tram stop Vypich


a star-shaped building located in the center of Obora Hvezda, a forested park in Prague


Vyšehrad – Unearth Prague’s Citadel

Vojta’s pick is Vyšehrad, a historical fortress that often escapes the tourist radar. Explore its ancient ramparts, visit the striking Basilica of St. Peter and St. Paul, and wander through the tranquil cemetery, the final resting place of many Czech luminaries. While Prague Castle claims the limelight, the Vyšehrad Citadel offers an equally rich historical experience without the crowds. The views of the city from Vyšehrad’s heights are both spectacular and less traveled, providing a unique perspective of Prague.

How to get there: Metro station Vyšehrad. Open every day from 10 am to 6 pm. You can enter the area for free but you have to pay a small admission fee to see individual sites (such as the Royal Castle, Baroque Fortress, and the historic exhibit).


a panoramic view of Prague with Vysehrad in the foreground


Grébovka – Gardens Inspired by Italian Renaissance

Katy invites you to Grébovka, a picturesque garden oasis tucked away in Prague’s New Town. This gem of a park boasts beautifully landscaped gardens, vineyards, and charming nooks perfect for a leisurely stroll or a peaceful afternoon. Embrace the serene beauty of Prague’s Green Valley, a place cherished by locals.

How to get there: Tram stop Otakarova or Náměstí Bratří Synků. Grébovka is open every day from 6 am to 10 pm in the winter and until midnight in the summer.


a vineyard on a sloping hill side in Prague's Grebovka Park


Vítkov – A Monument to History and Panoramic Views

The National Monument at Vítkov Hill is a striking testament to Czech history and heritage. Dominated by the colossal equestrian statue of Jan Žižka, a revered military leader, this monumental complex offers a unique blend of history, culture, and breathtaking vistas of Prague. Jirka recommends this spot as a tribute to Czech national identity and an ideal place to immerse yourself in the city’s history while enjoying panoramic views.

How to get there: Walking from the metro station Florenc


a sunset over the Vitkov Monument in Prague


In Prague’s well-trodden paths, these hidden gems lie quietly, awaiting your discovery. Beyond the tourist hotspots, these authentic experiences promise to enrich your Prague adventure. As you explore the city’s hidden treasures, Prague’s charm will reveal itself in new and unexpected ways, creating lasting memories for the curious traveler.


October 17, 2023