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A Guide to Prague’s Autumn Art Festivals

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Prague has a reputation for stunning architecture, mouth-watering food and an endless supply of beer. As if this wasn’t enough, it also has a long tradition of cultural life. Sitting at the crossroads of the East and West, Prague has long been the cultural hub of Central Europe gaining inspiration from all around Europe.If you want to delve deeper into local culture, you might want to check out this autumn’s art festivals. As hip and edgy as Berlin or New York, Czech art will satisfy almost anyone’s artistic cravings.

This is especially true about the hot new trend of art called site specific art, which is literally booming in Prague right now. It is unusual because it is designed for a specific location, so the setting becomes an essential part of the artwork’s meaning. Site specific art alters the space around us, making our surroundings, and us, a part of the artistic work. Now imagine experiencing Prague as a work of art. Not a bad idea, right? Here are a few suggestions about the best art festivals in Prague this autumn like a local:



One of the local’s favourite is the art festival Pokoje (Rooms), which is an exhibition of the artworks of young, talented artists from the best art schools across the Czech Republic. It brings architecture, art, and design under one roof. As a site-specific art exhibition, it takes place in a different building in central Prague every year, making the building literally come alive as never before. The artists prepare their projects specifically for the space, creating a beautiful symbiosis between artwork and location. That’s where the name, ‘rooms’ actually comes from. Each room turns into an art installation, and trust me, these people know how to do their job well. In the previous years, you entered a room that was completely upside down, another turned into a mirror maze, or one full of feathers….

Address: Desfours Palace (Desfourský palác) , Na Florenci 21, Praha 1

Opening hours: 8. 11., 19:00 – 23:00 / 9. 11. – 17. 11., 11:00 – 21:00

Entrance fee: 130 CZK (5 EUR) / 100 CZK students (4 EUR)/ 70 CZK (3 EUR) Art students 

Contact: +420 737 764 609 /

a person standing in a dark room with red lighting during the Pokoje art festival in Prague



If you are a designer, an artist, or just looking for some inspiration or gifts, Designblok Prague International Design Festival is the right place for you. It brings the hottest Czech and European designers to Prague and turns the festival into a real international spectacle celebrating design. It will take place from 17th to 21st of October 2019 in Výstaviště Praha Holešovice, a stunning art nouveau building worth visiting even by itself. As a plus, it is located in the Holešovice district, which is the designated art district of Prague, and is full of bars, cafes and galleries and young creative people.

Address: Výstaviště, 170 90 Prague Czech Republic

Opening hours: 17. – 21. 10. 10am – 9pm

Entrance fee:, Adults 350 CZK (14 EUR), Students / Seniors 200 CZK (8 EUR), Children under 15 free

Contact: +420 267 990 545 /

This year’s festival is divided into three locations within the Industrial Palace of Výstaviště Holešovice (Prague Exhibition Grounds). By the way, Holešovice is the designated art district of Prague, so feel free to wander around. From hip and cosy cafes, to edgy night clubs and ultra-modern art galleries, Holešovice has it all!

the Trade Fair Palace in Prague's Holesovice



The left wing of the Industrial Palace hosts the Open Studio, with the latest innovations in contemporary design: from fashion and jewellery, to product and graphic design. The Open Studio features the most prestigious designers as well as design schools from all around Europe, and the exhibited designs are prototypes which are usually not for sale. Even though you cannot buy anything in this part of Designblok, be sure to pay a visit. Here you can see where the design world is moving to. There are usually great, innovative products that are bound to become the mainstream in the following years.


The Superstudio is located in the right wing of the palace, and offers a real shopping adventure. There are great designs from both well established and up-coming design companies. Wander around the stands and be lured by the uniqueness and quirkiness of contemporary design. You might end up getting nice souvenirs, or some state-of-the-art piece for yourself that will always remind you of the good times spent in Prague.


At the entrance to the Industrial Palace you’ll find the Central Hall. It traditionally turns into a fun venue that offers all kinds of experiences. Last year there was a giant slide that kept both children and grown-ups busy and happy. This year you can look forward to a Giant Sunflower installation, a design children’s corner, a lookout tower and many more! There are also classy fashion shows, concerts and all kinds of events for children. Of course, there will be many stands that serve great food and beverages too. Check out the programme for more details and get your tickets here


a tour guide leading a group of tourists on a walking tour in Prague

These are just a few of the best festivals going on in Prague this autumn, but there is much more to look forward to! Prague is really the cultural capital of Central Europe: be it classical or ultra hip, it has it all. No wonder the word term ‘Bohemian’ comes from the western part of the Czech Republic (where Prague is located): we know how to enjoy art, and most importantly, enjoy ourselves! 


October 3, 2019


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