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  • Spooky Tour

Virtual Walking Experience: Alchemists and the Esoteric in Magical Prague

Quick Details

Screen All Ages

Enjoy the city from your home!

This is a live-streamed tour, where your guide will be walking around Prague while you’ll be enjoying a hot/cold beverage of your choice in the comfort of your home. Learn the story of brave Czechoslovak men and women who weren’t afraid to stand up and sacrifice their lives so that our nation could live in freedom again.

The 16th century was a flurry of changing believes. The reformation, the counter reformation, witch burnings, and even such subjects as math were consider suspicious by some rulers and church officials.
During this upheaval Prague would be an oasis for those who thought differently. It was known as the Golden Age of Prague where art was celebrated, science was highly regarded and mystical and esoteric beliefs were welcomed. Alchemists were even had a laboratory in Prague castle. All of this orchestrated by the Holy Roman Emperor Rudolf the II.

Follow us as were wander the cobble stone streets of Prague telling you the stories of the eccentric people who made this city their home and hear of the often tragic lives they lead. We will be taking you through a hidden area of Prague and telling you the legends that began in this era and are still told today. We will marvel at some of the beautiful architecture and you will even hear a ghostly tale or two.

Please note

Each guide in our group has a different experience from the communist times, so every virtual tour is a bit different.

One booking is for one household—there’s no need to pay for more people who are in the room.