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Music festivals in Prague in 2019 you will never forget


Last week we brought you a list of all the exciting food festivals that take place in Prague this summer. Food is great, we love food. But how about some music? Because when it comes to music, Prague definitely doesn’t stay behind!

There is always something going on in our lovely city and no matter when you visit, you will be able to find something that suits your taste. Among other things, Prague is renowned for its nightlife and, in terms of parties, every day is a Friday. But you might be interested in some of the bigger events that hit the city this summer. Check out our timeline of music festivals in Prague so that you know what to expect from your stay in the heart of Europe.


May 31 – June 1: United Islands of Prague

Where: Karlín neighbourhood (metro stop Křižíkova)

Tickets: FREE

The festival season opens with United Islands, a street festival in the hip neighbourhood of Karlín. Get ready for more than 100 bands on 10 open-air stages and an after party in the music clubs of Karlín. Apart from Czech bands, you will also hear artists from Poland, Hungary, Germany, Austria, Slovakia, and the UK. This year’s theme is freedom, commemorating the fall of the Iron Curtain in 1989. Let’s celebrate freedom with some good music!


June 7–8: Prague Music Festival

Where: in the streets

Tickets: FREE

Are you ready for the biggest street festival in Prague? It’s not just about music but also about dance, theatre, and new circus. Witness the life in the streets, parks, and squares of Prague or become a performer yourself. More than 500 performances by 200 artists will storm the city on 50 different locations, all of that in support of Prague’s street art. While the festival is free of charge, you can show your appreciation of individual artists by a little gratuity thrown in their hat.


June 8: Holi Open Air Colour Festival

Where: Střelecký Island

Tickets: 169 CZK

If you feel like making your life a little more colourful, show up for Holi open-air fest and you will not regret it. Holi originated as the biggest festival of colours in the western hemisphere but gradually spread all over the world. Enjoy some summer music on the picturesque little island in the heart of Prague and brighten your day with a colourful rainbow. The price of the ticket includes one powder colour made of corn starch, make sure to use it wisely.


June 9: Czech Choir Festival

Where: Bethlehem Chapel (Betlémské náměstí 4, Prague 1)

Tickets: 250 CZK, students and disabled 150 CZK

For the first time since its inception fifteen years ago, the Choir Festival from the Czech city of Hradec Králové will visit Prague! This unique concert takes place in the beautiful Bethlehem Chapel in the very center of the city and it features the best children’s choirs from the Czech Republic and abroad. Although not the most tourist-friendly festival ever, it might be well worth the little trouble of getting in.


June 15: Drug Me Fest

Where: Altenburg 1964 (Partyzánská 18/23, Prague 7)

Tickets: 280 CZK

Don’t get discouraged by the name, Drug Me Fest can actually be a pretty cool experience even in your normal state of awareness. If you are fond of genres such as psychedelic rock, post-punk or garage music, you will definitely enjoy this alternative event in the new creative space situated on a boat on the Vltava River.


June 15–16: Respect Festival

Where: V. Hole (Železničářů 204/6, Prague 7)

Tickets: 650 CZK

The 22nd annual Respect Festival combines the rhythms of African and Asian music with jazz, hip hop, and other popular genres. The newly opened cultural space called V. Hole will become a zone of tolerance and respect for all the cultures of the world with a special focus on those that have been neglected in the European context. Come enjoy some unusual music and exotic food!


June 21–22: Metronome Festival

Where: Prague Exhibition Grounds (tram stop Výstaviště Holešovice)

Tickets: 2 490 CZK

You might find the tickets for Metronome Festival quite pricey, but what if I told you artists such as Liam Gallagher, Kraftwerk 3–D, Morcheeba or Primal Scream would be there too? With headliners such as these, Metronome became one of the biggest music festivals in Prague and you might depend on having a great time there. I think the line-up speaks for itself.


June 23: Hip Hop Open Air

Where: Střelecký Island

Tickets: 250 CZK

In the last couple of years, hip hop became one of the most popular genres, especially among the younger generation. This open-air event on Střelecký Island features some of the best hip-hop artists from the Czech Republic and Slovakia. If you feel like investing some money in this occasion, go for a VIP ticket that includes a boat trip with all-inclusive food and drinks.


July 8–9: Bomehia Jazz Fest

Where: Old Town Square

Tickets: FREE

Prague has something to offer even for all the jazz-lovers among you. And it’s for free. And that’s still not the best! Our Bohemia Jazz Fest takes place right in the Old Town Square, which you will want to visit during your stay anyway! Come hang out in one of the most scenic spots in the city and listen to Czech as well as international jazz music.


July 10–14: UP Festival

Where: PVA Expo Prague Letňany (metro stop Letňany)

Tickets: 910 CZK

UP is a relatively new festival that supports new and less-known but top-quality DJs from all over the world. This year’s theme is Harmony in Nature and it tries to create a link between nature and art. Get ready for a load of alternative music, this will be a one-of-a-kind experience!


July 11 – August 6: Summer Festivities of Early Music

Where: various venues

Tickets: 400–800 CZK

Summer Festivities of Early Music is a series of seven cultural events in different venues around Prague. The price of the tickets varies from event to event but, no matter which one you choose, it will be worth it. The performances include songs by Renaissance composers, Spanish and polychoral music, humorous dances and much more.


July 18–21: Prague Folklore Days

Where: various stages across Prague

Tickets: FREE

The biggest folklore event in Central Europe is something you definitely don’t want to miss. Come witness international folk dance and music performances on several open-air stages throughout Prague for free. The festival features amateur ensembles of all kinds, from singing to marching bands, historic fencing groups, color guards and others.


July 26–27: Cross Festival

Where: Cross Club (Plynární 23, Prague 7)

Tickets: 400 CZK

Cross Club is deemed one of the best music clubs in Prague and it was also featured on the list of best clubs in Europe. It is renowned for its unique architecture but also for the events take place within the structure. If you don’t make it to the festival of mostly house music at the end of July, you can always visit the club on some other day. While the night parties there tend to be of a darker kind, try visiting during the day and chill on the little design front yard.


August 23–25: Prague Gothic Treffen

Where: TBA

Tickets: 590 CZK

If gothic music is your thing, you might be interested in the Prague Gothic Treffen at the end of August. The main headliner is a Swedish band Kite followed by a number of Czech and Slovak bands. Follow the Facebook page of the event for more information about the venue, it will be announced soon.


September 6–20: Bengál

Where: TBA

Tickets: TBA

Bengál is one of these unique events that are great to experience but difficult to describe. The festival takes place on 3 different nights in September – 6th, 13th, and 20th + an afterparty on the 15th. Apart from exotic music, you might expect dance performances, workshop, shaman shows, and art exhibitions. Save the dates, this might be interesting!


September 13–14: Scout Alternative

Where: The garden of former railway customs (Bubenská 1542/6, Prague 7)

Tickets: 220 CZK

Celebrating its 10th anniversary, this music festival organized by the scouts of Prague 7 features the American musician Tim Eriksen as well as a couple of Czech and Slovak bands. It is a great opportunity especially for those of you travelling with kids. While both of the evenings are devoted to music, Saturday afternoon offers games, workshops, and theatre performances for the young ones.


September 20–21: Summer Paranoir Camp

Where: Music Club Modrá Vopice (Radimova 121/34, Prague 6)

Tickets: 250 CZK

Music Club Modrá Vopice will host a rather unusual multi-genre festival entitled the Summer Paranoir Camp. This is yet another family-friendly festival that features not only great music but also a little rollercoaster, a haunted house, and tons of cotton candy. Don’t be afraid, there will be other food too!


September 30 – October 6: Lunchmeat Festival

Where: TBA

Tickets: TBA

September seems to be a month of somewhat unconventional festivals. Well, Lunchmeat is no exception. Join this festival for some advanced electronic music and new media entertainment done by artists based in Prague. Six nights, different venues, and one unforgettable experience! Don’t forget to follow the Facebook page of the event for more information about the venues.


November 1–3: Alternativa

Where: Meet Factory (Ke Sklárně 15, Prague 5)

Tickets: TBA

Let’s close the season with something traditional. Alternativa festival takes place in Prague ever since the early 90s and it features the best of Czech experimental and improvisational scene. In the popular space of Meet Factory, you will witness unique combinations of artists and unrepeatable sets. Every show is different, you will have to come to check it out for yourself.


That’s about it as far as music festivals in Prague go. Of course, you don’t have to be here during a festival to witness something great. As I have already mentioned, Prague is a lively city that never sleeps and never stops playing its music. Just head in the city and let your intuition lead the way, you never know what you might come across in this city full of culture.

In the meantime, you might check out some of our Prague tours and ask our guides for their recommendations. We all have our favourite music spots in the city.

May 23, 2019