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Meet: Petr, our local expert in Prague


Where are you from + how did you end up in your city?

I was born in the south of the Czech Republic in a town called České Budějovice. The Czech name of my hometown won’t tell you much, but if I mention that the German name of it is Budweis, it may sound familiar to you. Yes, Budweiser was named after my hometown (and they also have a brewery of the same name there). In 2010, I moved to Prague for my studies and I have immediately fallen in love with my new home!


How did you end up being a tour guide? Do you do anything else?

A friend of mine, Lukáš (who is also a guide in the Prague Urban Adventures team) told me one day: “Hey, you like beer, you know a lot about it, and you also like to talk to people, so… How would you like to be a tour guide?” It didn’t take me long to answer: “Yes!”

And yes, I do a lot of other things. Among these, I’m a student of computer science at the Czech Technical University and I’m also employed as a programmer.

What are you most proud of in your city?

Of its charm! It’s not only the beautiful architecture but also the spirit of the city. Living in Prague is like being married to a great wife. You may cheat on her from time to time (live somewhere else), but in the end, you always realize that although she might have some flaws, you love her and there is no one better to live with!


What’s one thing ppl need to know about your city before they visit?

That there are way more things in Prague than just the Charles Bridge, Prague Castle, and the Astronomical clock.


Do you have any favorite habits that you do in your city?

There is a place called Náplavka, a promenade on the right bank of the Vltava river. In the summer, a lot of people gather there just to hang out; sometimes there are even concerts or festivals. I think it is a great place to spend summer evenings at.

What’s your favorite neighbourhood in your city and why?

One place that I really love is the area called Nusle. I used to live there for 3 years and it was simply amazing. It is close to the city center, in the vicinity of Vyšehrad (which is a great place for walking, running or for a romantic date), and there are a lot of hip businesses to visit.


What’s your favorite spot in your city and what makes it so special?

Choosing just one place is extremely difficult. But if there was just one, I would say Kulový blesk – a great pub with a wide selection of beers. And why is it so special to me? Because I know almost everybody from the staff by name 🙂


What’s your favorite dish and drink in your city and why?

I am Czech, so my favourite drink is… Ok, I’m not that much into stereotypes, but my favourite drink really is beer. If you ask me to pick one, I can’t tell you. But my favourite beers are Bad Flash Black List IPA, Matuška Zlatá raketa, and Zíchovec Sour Passion Fruit beer.

And my favourite meal? Difficult to answer as well, but I love goulash, cabbage, dumplings, spaghetti, and Bún bò Nam Bô. Simply when the food is great, it does not matter where it comes from.

December 10, 2018